Farmer Boys Elevates its Best-in-Class Hospitality by Leveraging Tattle and ItsaCheckmate

Insight from, and Integration Between Tattle and ItsaCheckmate Assistance the Southern California-Based Fast Casual Concept’s Ability to Drive Unmatched Guest Loyalty

New York, NY( Farmer Boys( r) is the Southern California-based fast casual notion knows we its award-winning burgers and best-in-class hospitality. Recently celebrating its 40 th anniversary, the label has tapped Tattle, the inventor in the customer experience improvement( CXI) list, to support driving heightened guest love by leveraging Tattle’s ability to track unbelievably detailed customer feedback across all seeking channels.

Tattle now also integrates with ItsaCheckmate, a platform previously used by Farmer Boys. ItsaCheckmate streamlines the prescribe realization and menu management process by integrating with multiple online rank informants such as GrubHub, Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates, Zuppler and many others, instantly to Farmer Boys’ POS system.

By combining Tattle’s ability to track client feedback across all dictating directs with ItsaCheckmate’s platform, Farmer Boys primacies itself to deliver an incomparable client experience, with actionable insights provided to their store-level and leader units, driving guest gratification and in turn, sales.

“There are many reasons why Tattle has been a game changer for us, including that it’s causal-based, and enables us to goal-set, ” said Michael Berumen, Senior Director of Procedure Service at Farmer Boys. “Third-party ordering platforms offer limited data, such as a general’ menu rating.’ Tattle hands us a robust picture of where we can focus to improve satisfaction, making us fully own the guest journey. The integration with ItsaCheckmate stipulates additional optimization for our unit members, so they can focus on what they do best- serve up Farm Fresh made-to-order food and deliver outstanding service.”

Tattle’s Heatmap peculiarity has also play a part in invigorating Farmer Boys’ squad representatives’ libido and ability to focus on hospitality.

“With Tattle’s Heatmap feature, our crew representatives know if they’re moving in the right direction. Combined with frequent check-ins from lead, and the ability to benchmark in real age, we’re laying the foundation for success as we continue to expand, ” supplemented Berumen.

Core benefits of the Tattle integrating include 😛 TAGEND

Automated post-transaction survey distribution to clients for optimal date Pre-populated overlook with event data to ensure 90%+ questionnaire period frequency of 50-questions Statistically significant guest feedback capacity for reliable identification of high-impact provinces for betterment More opportunity for guest recovery methods in order to extend hospitality beyond diners walls

“With guest transactions today more evenly distributed across ordering channels than ever before, the measures for the guest suffer has now become paramount for adventurers to deliver joy to clients, ” says Alex Beltrani, Tattle Founder and CEO. “Based on over 80 M data points collected in 2021, delivery and take-out experience has shown to deliver a 20% lower patron happiness composition compared against its dine-in counterpart, and dine-in showing a 7% decline in guest satisfaction since January 2021. Without on and off-premise measurement, restaurants may miss the opportunity for both functional improvement and guest recovery, both of which is essential sponsors to ROI. Our newest integration with ItsaCheckmate is another example to seeing how we find synergy for our patrons, included within leading list players.”

About Farmer Boys( r)

Celebrating 40 years of farm fresh, Farmer Boys( r) is a farm-to-table fast informal diner order serving award-winning burgers and all-day breakfast, stacked sandwiches, hand-chopped salads, and signature hand-breaded zucchini lodges and gigantic onion rings™. At Farmer Boys, Farm Food Ain’t Fast Food( r ). Farmer Boys is annually recognized with’ Best Of’ food accolades, voted by purchasers who ethic generous portions of farm fresh nutrient at a fair premium. The burger concept has also been recognized by conspicuous manufacture publications, including being listed one of Fast Casual’s Top 100 Movers& Shakers. Farmer Boys currently operates eateries in California, Nevada, and Arizona. For more information, visit

About Tattle

Tattle is the only Customer Experience Improvement( CXI) platform built for cordiality that helps eateries rally actionable feedback data by interacting with their customers where they attain deals. Working existing third party tools and API consolidations, we connect brands with their guests at every touch object of the customer journey. Through our AI, we recommend “the worlds largest” opportunistic functional domain for betterment at each of our partners’ orientations to drive the greatest increase in guest satisfaction. Tattle superpowers the operational improvement strategy for manufacture captains, such as MOD Pizza, Bareburger, Farmer Boys, Blaze Pizza, The Halal Guys and many more.

About ItsaCheckmate

ItsaCheckmate admits restaurateurs to focus on what matters: serving up yummy menu and happy dining experiences. We invite restaurateurs to trench the tablets and give headaches by cooking up powerful POS-Ordering Pulpit desegregations, accounting reconciliation, and menu management mixtures. With ItsaCheckmate, hustlers control their online menus straight from their POS- updating everything from piece availability to pricing- ensuing in higher advantages, shortened degree lapses, and happier customers. A lead in the restaurant-tech space, ItsaCheckmate performs 10,000+ restaurant points globally and experiences relationships with more than 150 engineering partners.

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