Following an out-of-character stint in Falcon& The Winter Soldier, could Sharon Carter be an MCU Skrull in masquerade? Skrulls have been bothering the Marvel comic universe for decades, but eventually did their formal big screen debut in Captain Marvel, where a band of refugees led by Talos were saved from the Kree by Carol Danvers and Nick Fury. Possessing the unique ability to shape-shift, Skrulls are natural infiltrators, preferably adept at blending into their encircles, and Nick Fury consumes this to his advantage, banking Talos and others into his SWORD organization.

Talos and Soren last-minute pose as Fury and Maria Hill throughout Spider-Man: Far From Home, and another Skrull comings Monica Rambeau in the final times of WandaVision. If that wasn’t evidence enough of the Skrulls’ increasing importance to the MCU, Secret Invasion is lined up to stream on Disney+ soon, currently making an all-star cast. The Marvel comic arc of the same name saw Skrulls launch an assault from inside, infiltrating Earth by constituting as key figures and superheroes. It’s safe to assume that enemy immigrants are already hiding in plain sight on MCU Earth.

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After featuring in the Captain America sequels, Emily VanCamp determined her return as Sharon Carter in Falcon& The Winter Soldier, but felt drastically different compared to how devotees retain her. With strange behaviour and story incongruities bristle, could Sharon be an MCU Skrull in hiding?

As Falcon& The Winter Soldier shows, Sharon Carter was deported from the U.S. following her crimes in Captain America: Civil War, stimulating the SHIELD agent to break bad and become the Power Broker, coping weapons and cleverness to the criminals of the MCU. Even after America humbly acquittals Miss Carter, she plans to exploit her SHIELD privileges and source even more dangerous goodies for Madripoor’s black market, but this murky scenario leaves much unanswered. Why was Sharon punished so cruelly when other Civil War participates were forgiven? What are Sharon’s motivations as the Power Broker? And if Sharon came snapped by Thanos( which we know she did ), how is the Power Broker’s territory still around after 5 years unattended, specially since Falcon& The Winter Soldier takes arrange a insufficient 6 months or so after Avengers: Endgame?

All of this would clear perfect feel if the Sharon Carter discover plotting against Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes in Falcon& The Winter Soldier was a Skrull. For this theory, let’s assume the Sharon of the Captain America movies was an everyday human. Thanks to the opening sequence of Avengers: Endgame, we know Sharon was clicked out of existence for 5 years by Thanos, so this necessitates she either became the Power Broker before the move, then slipped right back into her old-fashioned stance after the Blip( pretty unlikely ), or she only became the Power broker after the Blip and substantiated herself within six months( even more unlikely ).

Thanos‘ sound would’ve been the excellent opportunity for Skrulls to infiltrate – millions of lost identities to steal, and chaos everywhere. A Skrull could’ve taken Sharon’s face during the Blip, settled in Madripoor and built the Power Broker’s criminal territory. When Hulk’s snap introduced everyone back( a major inconvenience to the invasion effort, likely ), the Skrulls must’ve kidnapped the real Sharon, so their operator on Earth could continue the charade. This fits with various indicates that recommend the Power broker was active during the course of its Blip. Firstly, Dr. Nagel was approached by the Broker after he came back to life, which hints Sharon was already up and running in Madripoor, and furthermore, the Flag-Smashers( who weren’t snarled, that’s their whole deal) directed as the Power Broker’s certificate. If the real Sharon was dusted, but the Power Broker was in operation, then the current Sharon must be an impostor. Furthermore, the inherent secrecy surrounding the Power Broker’s identity would conveniently covered under why she inspects accurately like a onetime SHIELD agent.

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As Bucky Barnes rightly points out, Falcon& The Winter Soldier’s Sharon Carter is a whole new maid – embittered, irritable and materialistic. This isn’t merely a turn to villainy, it’s a wholesale identity graft. Sharon has no uneasiness about killing kinfolk, even via torturous techniques such as the mercury concoction gas, and is not merely is Power Broker Sharon sardonic of superheroes, she also laments being apart from her family, saying, “my own parent doesn’t are aware that I am.”

Again, these changes realize far more sense if Sharon Carter was privately a little dark-green tourist from outer space. Assuming these evil, invading Skrulls are the antithesis of Nick Fury‘s quiet buddy, Talos, it follows that “Sharon” would hate do-good heroes. After all, Talos’ beings were extricated and migrated by Captain Marvel, the original Avenger, so any Skrull who stood against Talos would naturally take an anti-superhero stance. The need of mercy Sharon substantiates toward Flag-Smashers would come naturally to a Skrull insurgent, and the gas she deploys in the season finale could contain substances more other-worldly than Sharon makes on.

If Falcon& The Winter Soldier’s Sharon Carter really was a Skrull, being separated from her family would suddenly move logically. Her illusion in the climax proves Sharon can slip into the U.S. without conjure frighten, so why hasn’t she sneaked a call to her loved ones equipped with one of those nifty face concealments? Perhaps when “Sharon” claimed to miss her family, it wasn’t due to any American exile, but because they’re on a different planet altogether.

As far as observers know, Sharon Carter is 100% human in Falcon& The Winter Soldier, but a couple of puckers in her visual appearance don’t sit quite right. In the final occurrence, Sharon applies a hi-tech mask to change her face and expression, surprising Bucky by to intervene in the final goal in New York. Although it looks like the cover-up is responsible for altering Sharon’s appearance, the apparatus could be a prop to hide the shape-shifting process, with the disguised Skrull transforming from random bride# 7 back into Sharon Carter. It’s good enough to fool Bucky, so the decoy could be how Skrulls use their special ability without raise suspicion.

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In the stalemate between Karli, Batroc and Sharon, the latter receives a bullet to the stomach courtesy of the Flag-Smashers’ leader. Curiously, Falcon& Winter Soldier doesn’t provision a close look at Sharon bleeding – maybe a deliberate move to mask her light-green Skrull blood. Sharon then recovers from the gunshot with remarkable hasten( we know the Carters are double-tough, but come on ), and this only adds to the suspicion.

Falcon& The Winter Soldier leaves Sharon’s Power broker motivatings frustratingly uncertain. Why, even after being pardoned, is she so intent on shifting more artilleries? Is it revenge? The adore of danger? Money? Instead, Sharon’s considers could be part of the Skrulls’ grand invasion plan. Infiltrating Earth in the wake of Thanos’ snap was period 1 of the plan; destabilizing Earth’s defenses “wouldve been” logical next stair. To this purpose, it shapes excellent impression for Skrull Sharon to work as an weapons pusher. Not exclusively would she curate and keep the most destructive segments for her own horde, but creating other super-villains preserves Avengers and governments busy, clearing a itinerary for the Skrulls to strike. Falcon& Winter Soldier proves this, with the Flag-Smashers controlling to occupy Falcon, Bucky, and the U.S. armed. Accessing SHIELD weaponry, Sharon can continue arming felons across the world, disconcerting the Avengers from the true threat couch within.

The landscape of the MCU makes a Secret Invasion storyline tricky. Unlike the comics, it’s hopeless to unexpectedly swear major reputations such as Captain America, Black Widow or Hawkeye secret Skrulls, just wait their call to limbs. Supporters are already invested in those heroes, and a turn of this magnitude would represent disruption with an once fraught MCU timeline. The likes of Sharon Carter, nonetheless, are perfect. Sharon is important fairly for her Skrull reveal to be shocking, but not so crucial as to disrupt the fabric of the MCU.

Falcon& The Winter Soldier’s season 1 finale proved a relatively divisive occasion, with some storylines smacking the mark, and others missing by a mile. Sharon Carter’s Power broker slant comes firmly into the latter category, as Falcon& The Winter Soldier offers no convincing sentiment of her role or incitements , nor any real explanation of why her reference underwent such a drastic alter of prospect, particularly after the government’s red-faced confession. If Emily VanCamp really is playing Sharon Carter in Falcon& The Winter Soldier, then the Disney+ series has left the character desperately short-changed, retconning a much-loved figure for a relatively insignificant disturbance slant. When the post-credits support Sharon has no intention of leaving her illegitimate activities in the past, her moral stance is so confusing, it’s inconceivable to know whether she’s a rogue to worry about, or a wronged antihero we shouldn’t give up on.

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Making Sharon a Skrull in Secret Invasion would retroactively rescind the judgment of her persona from Falcon& The Winter Soldier. The MCU wouldn’t have pointlessly muddled a popular MCU heroine, but cast VanCamp as a totally new one. Rather than an inexplicably frightening Sharon Carter, the audience is meeting a Skrull we’ll come to know better in the future. While you can certainly question the sense of cramming Skrull setup into an previously backpack Falcon& The Winter Soldier, it’s preferable to Sharon Carter becoming a baddie because she got penalized for a crime committed in full knowledge of the potential consequences.

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