F9 performer Vinnie Bennett wants to see the Fast& Furious franchise spin off into a series, and he has some intuitions. In the recent film, Bennett illustrates young Dominic Toretto in the movie’s flashback sequences. The panoramas molted light on Dom’s earlier years and flesh out his strife with John Cena’s Jakob Toretto.

The Fast& Furious chronology begins in 2001 with the liberation of Rob Cohen’s The Fast and The Furious and was generally told one long tale from that useful starting point. Initially focusing on Paul Walker’s Brian O’Conner as its central booster, the succession has slowly but surely become more focused on Vin Diesel’s Dom over the years and has developed a core ensemble of memorable superstars and criminals who come in and out of Dom’s orbit. In fact, to date, F9 is the only film in the streak to go back in time in any meaningful channel and outline Dom’s childhood- something merely hinted at or briefly mentioned in previous movies.

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With F9’s theatrical and director’s sections now hitting the residence presentation marketplace, performer Vinnie Bennett has hit the interrogation route to promote the release. Sitting down in an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, the actor admitted that he would want to see the Fast& Furious franchise get a spinoff focusing on Dom’s younger times leading up to the first cinema and shares his ideas. Read what Bennett said below 😛 TAGEND

Young Dom series? Man, there’s so much we could do. There’s so much we could do. I feel like we could impede prancing back with Jack. We can have … There’s Letty there, you can see how he assembles Vince, Jesse, all those courages from the first one. Learn how he gets his red RX-7 that he’s driving in the first one. Yeah. There’s so much that we can dig into. I hope that we do.

Vinnie Bennett has performed no secret out of his desire to see spinoffs happen in the Fast& Furious franchise. In fact, during his chat with Screen Rant, he also pitched an Avengers-style return for Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs. However, this idea seems noteworthy as it could actually bring him back to the screen to play Dominic Toretto.

If any line could do a spinoff going back in time to explore its chronology, it’s Fast& Furious. The right is already infused in myth, so going back to the 1990 s to shed more light on Dom’s origins in wall street of Los Angeles could cater much-needed color to how he lived before becoming an international criminal. Moreover, it could allow classic courages like Jesse and Vince to get much more screen time.

Whether or not a spinoff succession concentrates on a young Dominic Toretto ever happens remains to be seen, but it’s something followers of the Fast& Furious franchise would surely love to see. Fast& Furious 10 and Fast& Furious 11 will debut in theaters in 2023 and 2024 to cap off the main series of Fast movies. For now, F9 is currently available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital.

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