Whether you’re a large organization, a small group finagling a collect of independent inns, or even a single inn that needs a different direction, propelling a brand-new firebrand is more difficult for even “the worlds largest” seasoned of hoteliers. Since TAUZIA Hotel Management recently launched a brand-new brand, we sat down with Marc Steinmeyer, the President Director of TAUZIA Hotel Management, to learn more about the thought process behind the decision to launch, and the steps necessary to see the launch successful.

Can you describe the new firebrand?

Our new symbol HARRIS Vertu Hotels depicts brainchild from the French Belle Epoque and the Joie de Vivre, or” the glee of animation .” The Belle Epoque was a time of invention, fervor and hope, which motivated brand-new comings in fashion, dances and movies.

Celebrating the charm of living, every aspect of HARRIS Vertu- whether it’s playing, gobbling or imbibing- is done with a fashionable touch and indulgent purity. Through this label, we aim to create a highly social and innovative environment, consisting of four main pillars derived from the Belle Epoque: Inventive purity, refreshing atmosphere, social vibe, and “young at heart” service full of infatuation and power. It is an extension in line with the Harris philosophy, which aims to promote life with happiness.

Why did Tauzia decide to launch a brand-new brand? What saw you viewing in the market that headed you to this significant investment decision?

Essentially, it was about identifying specific growth needs for our company relative to the market. The TAUZIA portfolio previously is comprised of two to four wizard symbols. Our market research testified the are required to provide an upscale suffer in order to increase brand awareness internationally. Additionally, the financial expansion in the Asian sphere, and particularly in Indonesia, demonstrated a significant opportunity for an upscale brand in “the two countries “. And, generational data are demonstrating that today’s travelers in the Asian region are interested in a simpler, more social, more technologically savvy sky. We decided to take advantage of the apartment for proliferation in this market to propel a brand-new upscale brand with our spouse at Harmoni Jakarta, a five superstar Indonesian brand, this past January.

What are you doing from a marketing perspective to launch the brand-new brand?

It has been a coordinated effort that includes traditional media, influencers, and social media channels. Media in general has played a big role in our communication of the brand’s online and offline revelation, but social media in particular will be an important part of this effort. TAUZIA has decided to prioritize social media marketing as a business objective in 2017, as it has become an essential, direct style to communicate with and form better participation amongst our past, present, and future guests.

What social media tactics are you leveraging?

Specifically, we’re launching a Customer Advocacy Marketing campaign- user-generated campaigns on social media. This has shown to be an effective strategy, because instead of bombarding clients with hard-sell communications, we go with a softer coming through peer-to-peer advocacy.

With user made campaigns, we can to activate our current patrons by encouraging them to share their stay experience online. We incentivize them with free night bides and exclusive merchandise. After having much success with this tactic with other firebrands( HARRIS, YELLO& POP! Hotels ), #IMATVERTU will soon be launched in March 2017 for our latest add-on, HARRIS Vertu Hotels.

Social media is also useful for evaluating the success of our propel, labelling, concoction, and busines. Review programmes like Facebook are a great complement to TripAdvisor revaluations, as a sit to solicit feedback in order to win more insights about the needs of our guests and too their ever-changing behaviors.

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