Shoot and loot your style across Pandora.

It’s now! Times of not-so-patient waiting have led to this moment, and it was certainly worth noting. Gearbox has formally unveiled Borderlands 3 at PAX East 2019 with its first trailer that looks like everything we’ve missed and so much more. From new Vault Hunters to brand-new adversaries, here’s what we know so far about Borderlands 3.

The floor still further

If you’re already familiar with the serial and don’t involve a primer on the events that have led up to Borderlands 3, you can go ahead and skip “The story so far” section. For brand-new supporters, you are able want to read through to get yourselves caught up on the action.

So what the hell has been going on before Borderlands 3 makes locate? Buckle up, because it’s a long ride–which I’ll condense to save your sanity.


Borderlands is a role-playing shooter( RPS) that released in 2009. On the fictional planet of Pandora, what appears in some discerns to be a post-apocalyptic barren, four reputations known as Vault Hunters outing to loot the riches of a rumored ancient alien tomb and happens to get caught up in a corporate merger of the planet along the way. Through the implementation of its previously-uncovered Eridian technology–the immigrant tech shut within graves across the universe–the Atlas Corporation attempted to stop the Vault Hunters from receiving the vault in order to take its contents for themselves. Atlas loses, of course, and it is about to change that the roof actually room a giant ogre that was sealed inside for centuries to impede the shattering of the universe.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 picks up several years after Borderlands culminates, and performs a brand-new initiate of Vault Hunters. While out on a chore they are betrayed by a worker called Handsome Jack, the leader of the Hyperion Corporation. A lady known as the Fairy godmother then emerges and tells them to discovery the city of Sanctuary and attach its neighbourhood opposition group that opposes Hyperion. With the help of the four original Vault Hunters from the first activity who make appearances as NPCs, we come to discover that Handsome Jack intends to open a new tomb and unleash The Warrior, a strong villain who he will then be able to require to do his bid. As is often the occasion, our protagonists end up demolishing Handsome Jack, but not before The Warrior is liberated and taken care of.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Much of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, a spin-off deed that released after both games, takes target chronologically in between the two major introductions, hence the specify, but the beginning and ending afford us a flavor of what went on after Borderlands 2. It begins with the onetime assassin Athena relating the events of Handsome Jack’s( simply known as Jack at the time) rise to power on Pandora’s moon Elpis. You can think of this as a bit of an origin legend for Handsome Jack, even if he primarily wasn’t a playable reputation. What’s fascinating is that after Athena finishes portraying her tale, an Eridian alien looms at Sanctuary and urges everyone of an imminent battle in which they will need “all the Vault Hunters they can get.”

Narratives from the Borderlands

Telltale also got their hands on the line at one point and secreted a 5-episode narrative undertaking called Falsehoods from the Borderlands. Making arrange after Borderlands 2, this series follows a Hyperion employee and a con artist who get caught up in a struggle on Pandora to find another vault. This time, nonetheless, instead of a monster awaiting them at the end of their excursion, a simple glowing chest–no doubt Eridian in nature–greeted them upon entryway, and formerly they opened it, they vanished. Their whereabouts and what happened after are currently unknown.

Who are its playable references?

We don’t know their reputations just yet, but we do get a good look at our four brand-new Vault Hunters, one of which appears to be a robot. The trailer didn’t showcase all of their abilities, but one of the status of women seems to have some sort superpower that manifests six shine arms bordering their own bodies. Another Siren, perhaps?

If a previous art leak is to be guessed–and it ogles as if it has panned out still further with the character designs pairing what was officialyl revealed–then three of the characters are Flak, The Beast Master; Zane, The Operative; and Moze, The Bot Jack.

Who else is in it?

It looks like nearly everyone. No, actually. Both the trailer and studio CEO Randy Pitchford made it clear that a ton of people would be returning from previous games–from the original Vault Hunters to NPCs–and even Rhys and Vaughn from Tales from the Borderlands will be in it. Except for Handsome Jack. He’s dead. Like Dead with a uppercase “D.”

One billion handguns

It wouldn’t be a Borderlands game without a ton of handguns, and this one appears to have over one billion. Though that numeral may seem like an over-exaggeration, there’s good reason to believe it’s actually possible. Borderlands 2 contained practically 18 million shoots alone when accounting for stat variances. It’s within reason that Gearbox has been able to drastically increase that figure over its first year with some progress in technology and the influence of current-gen consoles.

There’s even a grease-gun with legs! Gravely, a handgun with robotic legs is recognized passing and shooting.

Where does it take place?

The likely guess is Pandora, but the trailer also notes that participates will “explore the worlds, ” indicating that we may be taking a expedition from our favorite dusty planet.

When does it pick up after Borderlands 2?

Considering that Tiny Tina is all grown up, this are most likely take place several years after the events of Borderlands 2. Rhys, ended with a mustache, also believe that this is making an figure, meaning he endured whatever ordeal befall him after reopen the dresser in the tomb at the end of Tales from the Borderlands.

When can I represent it?

Gearbox did not afford a liberation appointment, but the studio did state that detailed information about Borderlands 3 “wouldve been” revealed on April 3, 2019. If it isn’t disclosed at that point then we may need to wait until E3 2019 for a year, or at least a exhaust window.

Specific consoles also technically weren’t mentioned, but there’s a good chance it’ll be at least on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with the possibility of next-gen consoles depending on when it releases.

PlayStation 4

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