EWFI Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about an Alek Manoah semi-fun information, a day without any starters travelling deep into competitions, efficient jaunts by Adam Wainwright and Corbin Burnes, Cody Bellinger‘s at-bat, a legal decision involving the Phillie Phanatic that may have implications beyond baseball, Joey Gallo feeling small-minded, and the cost of Ray’s lost corn crop in Field of Dreams, then( 34:01) talk to writer and journalist Danny Funt about his recent deep dive into the relationship between athletics media and boasts betting, and how the big business of legalized gambling could reshape the behavior baseball is covered, broadcast, and played.

Audio intro: The Coral, “Song of the Corn” Audio interstitial: Grateful Dead, “Candyman” Audio outro: The Notorious B.I.G ., “What’s Beef ?

Link to tweet about six-inning starts Link to origin of” The Maddux “ Link to Dan on Bellinger Link to Phanatic story Link to Gallo quote Link to corn math strand Link to Danny’s story Link to Forbes on ballpark sportsbooks Link to storey on the Yankees and potting Link to Bloomberg on athletics betting Link to USA Today on baseball betting Link to storey on gambling-related threats Link to Evander Kane story Link to MLB.com Blue Jays betting story Link to Jim Margalus on baseball betting Link to Jacob’s DraftKings tweet

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