Over 10 years ago, Will Gluck’s teenage comedy, Easy A, punched theaters to massive success–and according to singer/ actress Aly Michalka–it precisely might have an upcoming sequel in the works. The movie was partially inspired by Nathaniel Hawthorne’s 1850 romance, The Scarlet Letter. Easy A performs Emma Stone in the lead role alongside an -Alister cast from the likes of Stanley Tucci, Amanda Bynes, Lisa Kudrow, and others.

Easy A was released in 2010 as a kind of twisted love letter to high school. Soaked in some deliciously sarcastic feeling and set to Natasha Bedingfield’s, “Pocketful of Sunshine, ” the movie was praised for has become a hilarious( and sometimes, painfully accurate) representation of teenage drama. It didn’t shy away from tackling heavy subjects like affection, virility, and truth. Stone frisks Olive Penderghast, a 17 -year-old girl living in Ojai, California. Throughout the course of the movie, Olive speaks into a webcam as she deciphers the story of how she became the( imitation) academy tramp. Michalka frisks Rhiannon, Olive’s best friend and confidant. Nonetheless, their friendship immediately becomes damaged when Olive’s promiscuous honour supersedes her honesty.

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In an interrogation with E! News and her sister, A.J. Michalka, Aly revealed that a potential Easy A sequel is in the works. The sisters, who first rose to fame after starring in Disney Channel Original movies like Cow Belles and Now You See It in the early 2000 s, are already anticipating a big reaction from love of the first Easy A film. A.J. said her announcements “might cause a whole thing, ” and joked, “Aly said it! ” Read what Aly said when asked about the legitimacy of the rumored sequel below 😛 TAGEND

“That actually is semi real. It would be kind of like a brand-new retelling but you’d hear some of the characters from the original come back into the story.”

According to a report published in 2019, an Easy A spinoff was already in the works from the film’s original screenwriter, Bert V. Royal. Screen Gems was going set to produce, and would envision Royal returning as both screenwriter and administrator. While the movie was allegedly early in developing, it was reported that the film’s setting would visualize a return to the same school as its 2010 precede. Whether or not this project is the same Easy Asequel Michalka referred to in the recent interview remain unknown. But regardless, after the first movie deserved $75 million worldwide, an Easy A sequel is probably a safe bet for a big box office score.

Since her career took off after starring in the 2017 Oscar-nominated film, La La Land, any sort of sequel would likely not accompany Stone return as Olive Penderghast. While its difficult to picture future Easy A projects without Stone’s natural comedic endowment, Royal’s clever writing and quick-witted dialogue has the potential to recreate the charm that reached the first film so successful. Any detailed information encircling the possibilities offered by a follow-up film currently remain unknown. But for now, fans can application for the liberate of Easy A’s R-rated cut, described by Aly herself as being–unsurprisingly–“very raunchy.”

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