E.T. and Elliott pick right up where they left off in 1982

Those of us who were glued to our television screens to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday got the most wonderful, unexpected astound. It wasn’t that the swims were finally cleared to fly, but during a commercial interrupt, when one beloved infancy Extra-Terrestrial came screaming back to life right before our eyes.

E.T. and his trusty crony Elliott( now a thrive adult but gazing precisely like he did in 1982) made an appearance together in commercial-grade kind for telecommunications company Xfinity. During the ad, E.T. learns about all the new things that have happened since he was away( like the internet, for instance ), but it was the ad’s message of reconnecting for the holidays that had everyone who watched the ad in tears.

In the four-minute spot, E.T. comes back to see Elliott, who is now grown with minors of his own. E.T. gets to know the family, plays in the snow with his kids, and huddles in for movie nighttime. He also gets a lesson on technology and tries out VR goggles for the first time, transmitting him toppling over just like he did during the original film.

But just like the last time, his time on Earth is limited. E.T. has a family of his own now, and after receiving them in a tiny orb, knows he needs to get back home to them. He makes Elliott’s girls on one last-place escapade flying through the night sky on bicycles.

Xfinity/ YouTube

When it comes time for E.T. to phone dwelling, Elliott and his family send him off with tears and our nerves burst open again because why can’t he and his alien family just live here forever?

Xfinity/ YouTube

E.T. tries to comfort Elliott’s son by drawn attention to his mind, saying,” I’ll be right here ,” then flies away on his spaceship. After he’s gone, the son’s shirt starts to glow, and he concludes the same orb E.T. used to see his family — exclusively this time, Elliott and his girls can see E.T. If Xfinity doesn’t come out with little orbs we can all use to see friends and family far away it’ll break our minds all over again.

In the unlikely event you haven’t obligated your minors watch the iconic cinema , now would be a good time to do so. It’s a holiday weekend and though there are some really good movies in the theaters right now, you can’t get much better than a light snuggled in on the couch with your fam watching the original on Tv. As the commercial-grade reminds us, this is when reconnecting with our families means the most.

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