Language learning app Duolingo has launched the beta version of its brand-new Scottish Gaelic course, with more than 20,000 parties already signed up.

An endangered conversation, Scottish Gaelic is predominately spoken today in the Highlands and Islands of the country.

According to the most recent census, 57,000 parties in Scotland self-reported as being able to speak Gaelic.

” Scottish Gaelic is such a rich and fascinating lingo with an incredible history. The hymns, poetry and meaning given to Scottish place names genuinely open your eyes to a deeper understanding of Scotland and its culture, ” said trend inventor Martainn Mac a’ Bhaillidh.

” Scottish Gaelic is such a rich and fascinating communication with an incredible history”

“I’m sure this course will raise the profile of Gaelic and increasing the proportion of beings learning.”

An architect from Glasgow, Martainn Mac a’ Bhaillidh worked with schoolteachers Ciaran Iosaph MacAonghais and Iagan MacAongha, and university student Joanne McLennan to create the course.

” We hope Scottish Gaelic goes on to achieve success like our Irish and Welsh tracks. So far over 1.2 m parties have signed up to learn Welsh on Duolingo, and the Irish president commemorated us for preparing Irish accessible to millions various regions of the world, ” said Colin Watkin’s, Duolingo’s country manager in the UK.

Shona NicIllinnein, CEO of the Bord na Gaidhlig, the public body responsible for promoting Gaelic language and culture both in Scotland and overseas, accepted the brand-new route and its ability to fetching the language to an international audience.

“We are delighted that the hard work of the community in campaigning to have the language accessible has been successful and that volunteers were willing to develop the materials that you can now use ,” she told The PIE News.

” People throughout the world are interested in Gaelic and this is a very easy, recreation and free course to start discover. It augments the resources already available, establishing ascertain Gaelic much more accessible.”

In recent years, Duolingo has expanded its catalogue from frequently learned words like French and Spanish to include endangered expressions such as Hawaiian and Navajo.

It has also introduced trends for Esperanto and Latin, as well as imaginary lingos from stumble TV Proves such as Game of Thrones. Courses in Yiddish and Haitian Creole for English talkers are also currently under development.

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