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At Google Play, our goal is to help developers and marketers reach and resonate with over 2 Billion customers who inspect our pulpit every month looking for high quality content and works. Having a great store listing experience can be a huge benefit in helping achieve customer acquisition points for your app or play.

To are contributing to make the most of our storage leaning implements and aspects, we’re agitated to announce a new Store Listing Certificate on Google Play Academy. The certification is designed for both learners who have an app or sport on Google Play and want to improve its store listing, or aspiring app makers who want to build in-demand mobile marketing talents. The training and exam cover:

The portable marketer’s role in creating a store listing

Common store listing policy violations to avoid

Telling your floor with your accumulate inventory assets

Implements to help you proliferate your app

How to marketplace to a world-wide audience

How it operates

Watch this video to learn more about the training and quiz certificate

To get attested, you can take online training on Google Play Academy and learn best traditions to help you best tell your app or game’s story. You’ll learn key skills that will help you drive rise through high-quality and policy-compliant store leanings. After the training, take the exam to get an industry-recognized certificate. You will too be invited to join Google Developer Certification Directory, a structure of Google attested makes.

Mohamed Kamara, founder of InovCares, a health startup that renovates healthcare for women, learned app storage schedule best rules from Google Play Academy.

Hear Mo explain how Google Play Academy’s educate facilitated him better tell his app’s story on Google Play

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