Vinny Guadagnino hopes his Jersey Shore roomies will assist him find his dream girl on the third season of Double Shot At Love. The collision MTV show that debuted in 2019, followed Vinny and his best friend DJ Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio Jr.’s journeys as they looked for love. While Vinny discontinued the first season wanting to continue a relationship, it was very short-lived as they broke things off before MTV filmed the reunion episode. Pauly, on the other hand, left the series single, but knowledge a full 360 formerly the cameras picked back up in Las Vegas for the sophomore season. After much dialogue, Pauly decided to finally open up his nerve to season 1 rival Nikki Hall. Now that Nikki has moved in with the MTV star taking their relationship to the next position, Vinny has come to the realization that he’s the only single member left in his Jersey Shore cast. He’s now calling in his famous friends assistance for an stimulating season 3.

MTV substantiated Double Shot At Love would be returning for another season back in April, but since Pauly is no longer on the market the new season would be taking a different approach. While it will be returning to its original dating format, the picture will focus solely on acquire Vinny somebody to charity. Pauly and Nikki will mentor Vinny throughout the process, while other direct representatives such as Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jenni “JWOWW” Farley make appearances to help find Vinny’s excellent match.

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Preparing for the season premiere this Thursday, Vinny spoke to E! News to the reasons why his Jersey Shore cast copulates are the perfect matchmakers. “Jenni and Nicole are not shy, ” Vinny said. “They will grill you. They’ll get you drunk. I want to see what these women look like when they’re sloppy. I don’t just want to see them when they’re in their Sunday best. I like when Nicole and them come because it really brings out who they truly are.” Pauly was restless when his best friend decided to settled his love life in the mitts of their female roommates. But at the end, Pauly knows that despite the lunatic shenanigans, Snooki and JWOWW will always have Vinny’s level of interest at heart.

Looking back on his journey on the present, Pauly reflected on his success fib with Nikki. “We kind of went through it all, ” he said. “The first time we encountered, it was a lot of pressing. I was dating a lot of women on that show at that exact same day, and that was a lot for me. I’m not really that type of guy. It was like , no stres this time.” For Nikki’s part, she knew there was a deeper connection than what spawns for a good season of television, and though Pauly didn’t accurately select her at the end of their time together, she’s happy their relationship played out in the way it did.

They say period is everything, and that happens to be true for Nikki and Pauly. It’s crazy to see this cast grow up in front of followers looks, as everyone except Vinny are in perpetrated ties-in with children. Though it’s sad, its genius of MTV to use Vinny’s loneliness as another chance to bring devotees in for leisure. Now, merely day will tell if this season of A Doubled Shot At Love will finally acquire Vinny a go man.

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Source: E! News

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