Developer id Software has an early Christmas gift for musicians of Doom Eternal in the shape of a new Master Level and a new holiday-themed event. It’s been a busy year for the grandpappy of all first-person shooters since the freeing of Doom Eternal early in 2020. The game’s first DLC, entitled The Ancient Gods, Part One, expanded on the campaign’s story in great style, setting up certainly merciless disclosures that are set to be paid off in 2021. As for now, actors can still enjoy the multiplayer Battlemode for a warm-up before diving into what promises to be one of the most challenging levels in all of modern Doom.

“Master Level” is the specify to be submitted to bonus elevations in Doom Eternal, generally with a much-increased difficulty when compared to the main game. The refer also has a secondary meaning from the history of the franchise. In Doom’s heyday, id Software released several official collections of levels made outside the studio as stretch jam-packs. For Doom II, the parcel was announced Master Levels for Doom II, which ties neatly into Doom Eternal mirroring the Hell on Earth theming from the original sequel.

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Announced today by id Software alongside a brand-new spot for Doom Eternal, the Super Gore Nest Master Level situates the DOOM Slayer up against hordes of high-level villains in combinations examined nowhere else in the game. The tier, which has been released for free on all platforms, remixes an domain from information campaigns and themes it in a way that requires professional dally. Those that can fight their way through the hosts can gain unique player icons, nameplates, and other cosmetics, including a shining gilded skin for the Combat Shotgun.

In addition to the default difficulty spike, actors can test their skills with three added difficulty modifiers. Classic Mode strips the Slayer down to the default shotgun and powers him to regain his arsenal throughout the level, just like he did back in the ‘9 0s. The Extra-Life Difficulty turns on permadeath with additional lives disbanded throughout the arena. This state is described as training for Ultra Nightmare, which assignments actors with completing the part gauntlet in one go without dying.

Alongside various sets( and a resolution boost for the newly exhausted Xbox consoles ), musicians are also welcome to grind their path through the Gift Wrap and Tear event. Completing in-game contests and challenges can unlock icy skins for the Revenant, Arch-vile, and Mancubus, joyous gift wrap weapon wraps, and armor for the DOOM Slayer inspired by Old Saint Nick himself. The happening starts on December 10 and fees until it’s time to throw out the Christmas tree on January 14.

With another campaign stretch, a leak that reveals several other Master Level revises, and the promise of a probable Invasion Mode still in the works for 2021, there’s plenty more to come in the future for Doom Eternal. The activity will release on Nintendo Switch next week, completing the trifecta of consoles and ensuring that any participate that wants to slay demons can do so. As for beyond Eternal, it’s all up to Microsoft to see what the next Doom will bring.

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