IGN sat with Stephen Lang, Rodo Sayagues, and Fede Alvarez to talk about their new film Don’t Breathe 2.

In this Stephen Lang Interview, the Blind Man himself–a.k.a Norman Nordstrum–talks about why he wanted to revisit the Don’t Breathe movie series as well as what he misses the gift to be for his repugnance anti-hero Norman Nordstrum.

We Also talked with the writer/ superintendent of this horror cinema, Rodo Sayagues, and the writer/ producer Fede Alvarez( Dir. Evil Dead( 2013 )) about their affects on the film and what their favorite panorama is. They also discuss their experiences as South American filmmakers constructing movies in Hollywood.

Be sure to check out the Don’t Breathe 2 trailer:

Don’t Breathe 2 Official Red Band Trailer:

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