Ladbroke Grove’s Digga D has always been in the limelight, whether it’d be the blogs or the word- but often it was for all the wrong grounds. There’s been run-ins with the existing legislation, and even a bizarre censorship ruling on his lyricals to ensure it doesn’t’ incite violence’. Digga D( real call Rhys Herbert) have increased above it to make a name for himself on his own terms; his debut job,’ Double Tap Diaries’, precisely missed out on a Top Ten spot on the UK planneds while he was incarcerated, presenting the UK that there was no halt him.

With his new mixtape’ Made In The Pyrex’, he clearly requires the world to know too. Wreaking havoc with stellar smacks like’ Woi’ and’ Chingy’ last year, the 20 -year-old imparts an international approach to his sound, meshing together the blasting sort of Chicago drill with UK’s standard bassline. In the music video and its poetics,’ Chingy’ makes a nod to US rap culture; “Get an opp right thurr, and get chingy, chingy”- a wistful reference to the southern twang of Missouri artist Chingy’s 2003 stumbled’ Right Thurr’. With UK drillers gaining some tournament across the pond, Digga’s passion to be the next international instruct hotshot is blatant.

When Digga D isn’t talking about his time in jail and the Homerton star “Unknown T[ being his] celly”, he flings devotees a dancehall-style track in the shape of’ Window’. It’s a surprise for strictly drill fans- specially since Digga has seldom used his Jamaican heritage to define his image or his music- but hearing him use patois in the track manufactures for an entertaining listen. The motley of his signature self-assured cockiness with the pompou sort of this form of dancehall attains for a real moment; perhaps it’s not just the US that Digga D has his eyes set on.

No matter the stipulations sat upon one of west London’s most influential drill stellars, Digga has proved that the only way is up for him. Exclusively a true-blue linguist can think of clever ways to say what he craves irrespective of what powers he’s been given- this knack seems unlikely to disappear anytime soon.


Release time: February 26 Record description: CGM Records

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