Blizzard recently unveiled the mobile recreation Diablo: Immortal at Blizzcon, and it’s fair to say that the supporters weren’t best pleased, particularly with countless expecting a Diablo 4 edict.

As it turns out, Blizzard were clearly indeed gearing up to share Diablo 4 with the world at Blizzcon, but the notice was pulled at the eleventh hour according to two anonymous insiders who spoke to Kotaku.


Blizzard original program was, apparently, to follow up the Diablo: Immortal trailer with a video of Blizzard co-founder Allen Adham tantalizing Diablo 4. It’s a classic bait and switch, except it didn’t go to design so all we got was the bait.

So what was the reasoning behind the announcement coming pulled? According to one of Kotaku’s sources, improvement on video games has changed so drastically over the last four years that the team decided it wasn’t ready to share anything.

Still, even if Blizzard couldn’t show anything of Diablo 4, they could have at least tell the supporters know the game was clearly coming- if simply to offset the tidal wave of dislike that the poor souls faced after showing off Immortal.

Diablo Mobile gameBlizzard

Studio co-founder, Allen Adham, recently spoke to Kotaku about the reception to Immortal 😛 TAGEND

We know our audience here is fiercely PC and console-focused. We’ve too seen this before. We understood a similar response when we was indicated that we were fetching Diablo to console, and we discovered a similar response to the edict of Hearthstone. They[ all levels of society] love what they compassion and crave what they miss. That obsession, it’s actually what drives us, and we feel it very. It’s why we obligate plays and why we’ve determined activities for nearly three decades now — and why our community is so heartfelt about our dealerships. I understand their feeling and wish we are capable of share more about all the amazing things we’re doing , not just with the Diablo franchise but across the company as a whole.

Adham’s comments certainly suggest that there are more Diablo activities in the pipeline, so while Diablo 4 might not be confirmed just yet, it seems a safe bet that the game is coming, and an announcement will be on the way sooner rather than later.

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