Dell Hutton, the mother of media whiz Deb Hutton, has sold her longtime Southern Highlands home.

One of Australia’s best known mums, Dell Hutton, the mother of the media star Deborah Hutton, has sold her longtime Southern Highlands home.

The Mittagong home was bought in 2003 when Dell quit the city, $332,500 for the 1,010 sqm estate.

The single grade residence has three bedrooms, a sofa, formal dining and a caboose wording kitchen. French doors open to the entertaining floor which appears over the reservoir tendered gardens.

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Oceanfront’ castle’ to crush records

Deborah and Dell Hutton at Mother's Day lunch at the Astral restaurant in Sydney, 29/04/2010.

Deborah and Dell Hutton.

Modern and bright.

It sold through Station St Realty agent Cathy Fairall, who had a $ 795,000 template, for $875,000.

Deb Hutton recently joyishly tell her social media followers know the sale was procured in only under two weeks.

Mother and daughter are very close , not only being keen AFL Sydney Swans allies, but for decades they holidayed together on cruise liner, with Dell having been on about 30 cruises.

It sold in under two weeks.

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Her model daughter first is available on the handle of Australian Cosmopolitan aged 16.

After 120 mansion marketings last year, three bedroom Mittagong homes have a $ 710,000 median against an overall $802,500 median for mansions according to Based on 5 years of marketings, Mittagong has examined a compound growth rate of 5 per cent.

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