2020 was an incredible year for sports! That’s why we invited my best friend from Gamer Tag Radio and Gameranx to join us and talk about their selects for the best Game of the Time. We even placed a bit of a friendly debate to let each person champion or protect their choice! Now, we’ve get Jake Baldino from Gameranx talking about Half-Life: Alyx, Danny Pena of Gamer Tag Radio to talk about Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and our very own Nick Limon to talk Hades!

IGN adopted Hades out of our inventory of 10 Game of the Year 2020 campaigners. Easily one of the most wonderful games of 2020, Hades unique blend of hack-and-slash action, light-headed RPG mechanics, and incredible narrative create it easy to reputation it this year’s game of the year. 2020 was a year full of incredible know-hows across various genres, but eventually exclusively one can be crowned best activity of its first year.

IGN depleted weeks debating the most wonderful competitions of 2020 in order to prepare for our annual goty accolades. Across multiple genres, various stages, and amusement categories like best movies 2020 and best tv 2020, our best of 2020 awards were chosen by the IGN staff.

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