A fan poster for the upcoming Deadpool 3 realizes an unlikely alternative of person take over the heroic mantle of Captain America: Wade Wilson. Ryan Reynolds has bought the Merc With a Mouth to the big screen a number of period now, firstly in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and then with a more faithful, recognizable, and talkative copy of the much-loved antihero in 2016 ’s Deadpool and its 2018 sequel. Deadpool 3 has been confirmed to be in development since November, but that’s just about all that’s known about the film.

Part of the whodunit bordering Deadpool 3 is due to Disney recently acquiring 20 th Century Fox and the beloved X-Men franchise. It’s still ambiguous what Disney plans to do with the rights to X-Men under their belt, and it’s hard to say what this might mean for the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole. That being said, Deadpool’s absence during Disney’s Investor Day may inkling that he won’t be joining the Avengers any time soon.

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That certainly won’t stop fans from speculating what Wade Wilson could looks just like a an Avenger, however. Erathrim2 0 has created an unofficial devotee posting of Deadpool wearing his own version of Captain America’s iconic red-faced, white-hot, and blue armor, terminated with Steve’s mythical round shield – exclusively with Wade’s logo in the center instead. The caption predicts “I can’t do this all day, ” a play on one of Steve Rogers’ most famous pipelines in the entire Marvel franchise. Check out the original Instagram post below 😛 TAGEND

For Erathrim2 0, this appears to be only one project for what Deadpool 3 could entail; the make has also imagined how Wade would wear Iron Man’s nano-tech armor. While it seems unlikely that Deadpool will get the opportunity to meet the Avengers in-person, he might end up at least getting the chance to see which iconic Avengers attire fits him best. Judging by the ample number of in-jokes, meta-references, and Easter Eggs in the first two Deadpool movies, Wade Wilson poking fun at the MCU and its mightiest heroes is almost guaranteed to make its way into Deadpool 3 at some point.

As previously mentioned, details about Deadpool 3 are scarce, and with no official liberate year confirmed by Marvel Studios just yet, there may be a long while to wait until any official postings get released. While Deadpool taking on the role of Cap would certainly specify a fresh take on the patriotic superhero, the role played by Captain America in the MCU is currently held by Sam Wilson( Anthony Mackie) after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Given Wade’s anti-hero nature, that seems like the more sensible choice.

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