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Tuesday, February 23- Friday, February 26, 2021 Columbia, MO- University of Missouri Prelims/Finals: 10 AM/ 5 PM Tues, 10 AM/ 6 PM Weds-Fri( Central Standard Time) Defending Champion: Florida (8 x)( results) Live Video- SEC Network Championship Central( SEC ) Championship Central( Mizzou ) Updated psych sheet Live Results

All sees were on Shaine Casas and Kieran Smith on the opening night of the Men’s SEC Championships, and two of the NCAA’s biggest performs delivered.

Smith produced the second-fastest 200 freestyle in biography leading off Florida’s 800 free communicate, while Casas — who also passed off the Texas A& M free communicate that eventually rolled down the Gators — had a standout performance leading off the Aggies’ 200 medley relay.

Casas registered a 50 back occasion of 20. 61, improving on his previous personal best season of 20. 82, to slot in as the ninth-fastest swim in history while moving him the fifth-fastest performer.

Leading off Florida’s relay, which would go on to prevail, was freshman Adam Chaney, who thumped 0.99 formation his lifetime best in 20.72 to become the ninth-fastest man of all-time.

All-Time Performers, Men’s 50 Back( SCY)

Ryan Murphy( CAL ), 20.20- 2016 Zane Waddell( BAMA ), 20.22- 2019 Junya Koga( MICH ), 20.35- 2014 Connor Oslin( BAMA ), 20.39- 2017 Shaine Casas( TAMU ), 20.61- 2021 Daniel Carr( CAL ), 20.62- 2020 Paul Ungur( UTAH ), 20.64- 2018 Coleman Stewart( NCST ), 20.65- 2018 Adam Chaney( FLOR ), 20.72- 2021 Taylor Dale( UGA)- 2017/ Albert Subirats( ARIZ)- 2008, 20.73

Casas first destroy 21 seconds at the 2020 SECs in 20.84, and then made that 20.82 at the Art Adamson Invitational this past November.

For Chaney, he participated his first collegiate season with a best of 22.58, and then swam a 21.71 at the Auburn Fall Invite which was his PB before tonight.

The freshman eventually contributed the Gators to the win in 1:23.17, with Alabama and Texas A& M tying for second in 1:23.28.

Georgia, who entered the day as the second-fastest team in the country in 1:23.60, were just shy of that time for fourth in 1:23.62. The Bulldogs had the fastest fly( Camden Murphy, 19.97) and free divides( Dillon Downing, 18.59) in the fields, while Tennessee junior Michael Houlie wowed with a 22.77 heart leg for Tennessee — bind him for 10 th all-time.

Check out all the separates from the 200 medley relay below 😛 TAGEND


Swimmer School Split

Shaine Casas Texas A& M 20.61 Adam Chaney Florida 20.72

Matthew Menke Alabama 21.03

Javier Acevedo Georgia 21.09

Christian Ginieczki Auburn 21.51

Jack Dahlgren Missouri 21.82

Guy Gropper South Carolina 21.82 Harrison Lierz Tennessee 21.87

Miguel Velasquez LSU 21.87

Kyle Barker Kentucky 21.93


Swimmer School Split

Michael Houlie Tennessee 22.77

Ben Patton Missouri 23.19

Dillon Hillis Florida 23.26

Tanner Olson Texas A& M 23.26 Derek Maas Alabama 23.35

Reid Mikuta Auburn 23.57

Luke Massey South Carolina 23.76 Jack Dalmolin Georgia 23.97

Mitchell Mason LSU 24.01

CJ Layne Kentucky 25.20


Swimmer School Split

Camden Murphy Georgia 19.97

Danny Kovac Missouri 20.04

Nik Eberly Auburn 20.25

Colton Stogner Alabama 20.29

Jace Brown Texas A& M 20.50 Eric Friese Florida 20.54

Kayky Mota Tennessee 20.65

Mason Wilby Kentucky 20.88

Michael Petro LSU 20.90

Jordan Yip South Carolina 21.38


Swimmer School Split

Dillon Downing Georgia 18.59

Matt King Alabama 18.61

Will Davis Florida 18.65

Brooks Curry LSU 18.83

Mark Theall Texas A& M 18.91 Scott Scanlon Tennessee 19.10

AJ Ross South Carolina 19.14 Kyle Leach Missouri 19.37

Matthew Yish Auburn 19.40

Louis Barker Kentucky 19.83


The only swimmer other than Kieran Smith under 1:32 on the 800 free relay was Casas, who won’t even be swimming the 200 free last-minute in the satisfy. Smith is clearly in a class of his own here, with his 1:29.48 stacking up as# 2 all-time behind Dean Farris.

However, Texas A& M had more depth on their back-half legs as they ultimately “re coming back” to triumph by six-tenths in 6:11.63. Casas hit a best era of 1:31.28 leading off, and Mark Theall, who fixed the Aggie medley relay earlier, was strong in 1:32.52.

We also ascertained 1:32 s from Florida’s Trey Freeman and Georgia’s Jake Magahey, while LSU notably didn’t consume Brooks Curry, who owns a best of 1:32.43 from last season.

Bulldog freshman Luca Urlando, who swim a best of 1:33.33 in November, headed off in 1:34.56, indicating he’s likely saving a full lessen for NCAAs.

Lead-off Splits

Swimmer School Split

Kieran Smith Florida 1:29.48

Shaine Casas Texas A& M 1:31.28 Seth Bailey Tennessee 1:33.85

Christian Sztolcman Auburn 1:33.89

Mason Wilby Kentucky 1:34.04

Freddie Rindshoej Missouri 1:34.32

Luca Urlando Georgia 1:34.56

Tamas Novoszath South Carolina 1:35.35 Cam Auerbach Alabama 1:36.17

Emil Hassling LSU 1:36.69

Flying Splits

Swimmer School Split

Trey Freeman Florida 1:32.41

Mark Theall Texas A& M 1:32.52 Jake Magahey Georgia 1:32.55

Zach Hils Georgia 1:33.05

Kaloyan Bratanov Texas A& M 1:33.30 Jack Dahlgren Missouri 1:33.37

Mikkel Gadgaard Auburn 1:33.53

Bradley Dunham Georgia 1:33.84

Will Jackson Tennessee 1:34.25

Jack Dubois Missouri 1:34.37

Clark Beach Florida 1:34.46

Clayton Bobo Texas A& M 1:34.53 Matthew Menke Alabama 1:34.79

Jakob Clark Kentucky 1:34.87

Grant Reed Missouri 1:34.96

Max Berg Kentucky 1:35.15

Michael Bonson Auburn 1:35.31

Hank Siefert Kentucky 1:35.47

Nolan Briggs Tennessee 1:35.57

Liam Bell Alabama 1:35.70

Miguel Cancel Florida 1:35.89

Lleyton Smith Auburn 1:35.94

Rafael Ponce de Leon Tennessee 1:35.94

Rafael Davila South Carolina 1:36.29 David Boylan LSU 1:36.45

Nicholas Perera Alabama 1:36.63

Phil Costin South Carolina 1:37.19 Chase Allison South Carolina 1:37.52 Brian McGroarty LSU 1:37.86

Adrian Spencer LSU 1:38.05

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