We invited, and you danced. Check out the official music video for “Dancing in Heaven” featuring our honouree students of Moordale. Gold virtuosoes all round. Thank you to everyone for dancing that chagrin away, and catch you on a dance floor soon. Orbital Be-bop!

Listen to the song here: https :// found.ee/ gr8XZ

Song: “Dancing in Heaven( Orbital Be-Bop) “
Written by Brian Fairweather and Martin Page
Recording Arranged and Produced by Oli Julian and Sam Thompson
Lead vocals by Jonny Muir
Acapella singers:
Emily Davis
Megan Thomas
Caitlin Jones
Jessica Davis
Rahul Sharma
William Partridge
James Taylor
Benny Wu
Year of the Dog band representatives:
Felix Lindsell-Hales
Olly Jenkins
Luke Hartley
Peter Richards
Gareth Thomas
Marcus Baber
@yearofthedogband and on Spotify: https :// open.spotify.com/ craftsman/ 4yLPdAl9qrQwPtTa26Wan5? si= mwx_Gvp3Tl-Y 10 MNY-AU-w& dl_branch= 1

[?]SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: http :// bit.ly/ 29 kBByr

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