A new variety of speedrun has cultivated up in the ever-controversial Cyberpunk 2077; rather than race to beat the game, participates are racing to have sex with someone in-game. As surprising as this is, it’s not the raciest thing to come out of the new RPG’s fanbase; someone made a VR porn parody of the game before it even thumped shelves.

But both of these eye-popping revises are just lowers into the sea of Cyberpunk 2077 story. CD Projekt Red’s open-world RPG was one of the most anticipated games in the world countries for the eight years leading up to its release, and now that it’s out, it’s become one of the more controversial instead. The last-gen versions of the game have proven to be all but unplayable thanks to a huge proliferation of flaws and flaws, some of them game smashing. While CDPR has promised spots, many have condemned the company for liberating the game in this state in the first place. Sony even exited so far as to delist Cyberpunk 2077 from the PlayStation Store.

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But this hasn’t stopped fans from having fun with it. Some musicians are doing this by enjoying Photo Mode and making some beautiful screenshots, while others are, are speedrunning their way to the earliest possible in-game sex meeting. One YouTuber laid out his process in a recent speedrun video. Most of the video is concerned with getting through the prologue as rapidly as possible; hop-skip dialogue, operating past opponents, and contacting the game’s open world-wide immediately. The YouTuber establishes generous exert of a snag announced Fist Gliding, a word which provided the streamer a lot of material for risque jokes throughout the video. The basic idea behind fist slipping revolves around switching between naked fists and a handgun as rapidly as possible, and using this to propel oneself forward at heightened hurryings. Use this, the streamer was able to break free of the tutorial locality and blame down wall street of Night City, beelining his route to the nearest prostitute and achieving his squalid purpose in simply ten and a half minutes.

It’s a pity that everyone is of Cyberpunk 2077 ‘s hitches aren’t that entertaining and useful. Unfortunately, many of the issues encountered in-game are outright unsettling, and certainly not likely to introduced anyone in the mood to repeat this streamer’s success. They’re still quite a bit better than the flaws that simply end the game, though.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a keen sample of how hazardous dream and hype can be in the gaming industry, and its destructive, buggy start will go down in history among video game devotees. But at least creative fans like this streamer are enjoying it for one rationalization or the other. This distinct “sex speedrun” might not be the most family friendly mode to make the best use of a bad start, but it’s still a good way to spend time in Cyberpunk 2077 waiting for those sweet, sugared patches.

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