Warning: Spoilers ahead for the Cruel Summer season 1 climax!

Jeanette Turner( Chiara Aurelia) wasn’t innocent in Cruel Summer season 1, but her lie encircling Kate Wallis'( Oliva Holt) was more complicated than initially concluded. For much of the Freeform show’s introduction season, there was a mystery involving the legitimacy behind Kate’s accusation that Jeanette saw her in Martin Harris'( Blake Lee ) room. The evidence alluded Jeanette watched the kidnapping victim but failed to alert anyone, accepting her classmate to remain in danger. While the truth eventually came out, the climax proved how much believe Jeanette put into her actions.

Whereas Kate sufficed as the real victim, considering she was truly locked in Martin’s basement for a period of time, Jeanette suffered after being outed to the media as a secondary villain. When Kate claimed Jeanette saw her in Martin’s house, apparently taken hostage, the public reproached Jeanette for not doing anything. On the other hand, Jeanette attempted to clear her mention, countering that she never ascertained Kate despite a autobiography of breaking into Martin’s house. She even went as far as to sue the Wallis family for libel after memorize Kate originally went to see Martin’s house happily, but that was just the beginning of involved revelations.

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In reality, it was Mallory Higgins( Harley Quinn Smith) who unknowingly assured Kate on Christmas Eve night in Martin’s house , not Jeanette. Aurelia’s character broke in and discover person, but she never envisioned Kate because it was Mallory who considered a person through the window. That said, the final cycle in “Hostile Witness” revealed that Jeanette broke into Martin’s house at a later date. However, this time, Kate was locked down the basement, screaming of providing assistance, but Jeanette failed to act. So when Jeanette incessantly claimed, “I did not appreciate Kate Wallis, ” she wasn’t technically lying because she never immediately construed Kate; she only heard her.

While the legal instance and the futures of both Kate and Jeanette hinged on the truth, the latter was still able to spin her contention to protect herself. Kate may have had her own mysteries encircling her relationship with Martin, but Jeanette knew about the situation well before the relief. So even though she was correct in saying she never considered Kate, she still deserved the deed of a devil based on her indifference and calculated decisions in taking over Kate’s social status as a queen bee. If Jeanette told person about Kate’s pleas of providing assistance, Kate would have been saved sooner, and such accusations claiming Jeanette’s involvement would have never passed. But in Jeanette’s mind, that intended giving up her newfound vogue and suitor, Jamie Henson( Froy Gutierrez ).

While Jeanette was restoring her likenes after slipping the legal dispute, Kate decided to move on with their own lives. Considering Kate is still harboring secrets, there are plenty more details to explore for Cruel Summer season 2. Unfortunately for Kate, Jeanette still has the leverage by knowing the truth regarding the teen’s nostalgic affair with Martin. Unless someone clues in Kate about the incident at the cellar entrance, she has no more ammo to use against Jeanette. That said, the truth generally comes out eventually, and Jeanette will likely slip up when her confidence gets the best of her.

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