On almost every website, you’re going to watch to share your Social Media accountings for visitors to follow. In such articles, we are going to create a Social Follow component in React!

For a deeper descent, check out Using Font Awesome 5 with React!


Create a act app, include Font Awesome libraries, and use the social icons. Check out the finished product.

Appoints The Project

To get started, we are going to use Create React App which is a great tool for scaffolding React applications. For remark, I am going to be doing this from inside of an on-line environment/ writer announced Code Sandbox. You can obviously use your local environ instead. Regardless, I’ll spell out the steps to work with both!

If you are running on your local setup, guide this command to generate and start your React app.

npx create-react-app my-app cd my-app npm start

Alternatively, inside of Code Sandbox, you can click “Create Sandbox”.

Then, choose React.

After initiating your app in Code Sandbox, your app will be automatically started. Instead, if you are running on your neighbourhood machine and followed the commands above, yours should be running as well.

Create React App furnishes a live reloading server, so if I were to add some gibberish text and save the file, it should automatically be reflected in the browser.

Create Your Follow Component

Ok, we’ve came our lotion created and running. Now, the entertaining material!

Create a new file in your “src” called SocialFollow.js. This will be a functional constituent so you’ll need to import React and then exportation your capacity. You can paste in the following code.

import React from “react”;

export default office SocialFollow()


Social Follow


Then, to get this constituent to be exposed, we are going to be able import and use it in the index.js folder. You can import the newly established factor with the following.

import SocialFollow from ” ./ SocialFollow”

Then use it in your App component by including this.

If you look at your application again, you should check the “Social Follow” text being output on the screen.

Determine and Installing the Font Awesome NPM Packages

Now that we have our component stubbed out, we need to update it with actual Social Media icons. For these icons, we are going to use Font Awesome 5.

Font Awesome has enormous support for React factors!

Le’t start on NPM for the documentation of the packets we are going to use. That tie-up will make you to the page for the ” @fortawesome/ react-fontawesome” package.

Scroll down a bit more and you’ll ascertain references to a few different packets and station notes.

We are going to need to use three packages.

@fortawesome/ react-fontawesome

@fortawesome/ fontawesome-svg-core

@fortawesome/ free-brands-svg-icons

In your neighbourhood medium, you’ll need to install these by running

npm install –save @fortawesome/react-fontawesome @fortawesome/ fontawesome-svg-core @fortawesome/ free-brands-svg-icons

In Code Sandbox, they give you a GUI to use for installing packages. You can open this GUI by clicking “Add Dependency”.

Here’s a screenshot of me supplementing one parcel. The process for the second largest two is the exact same.

Use the Font Awesome Icons

Now that we have the right containers lay, we can start to use them. We need to include something announced FontAwesomeIcon from the react-fontawesome package.

In the SocialFollow.js include this import.

import FontAwesomeIcon from ” @fortawesome/ react-fontawesome”;

Then, we are going to be able involving the social icons we will use from the free-brands-svg-icons box. There are others, but we are going to use YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.





faInstagram from ” @fortawesome/ free-brands-svg-icons”;

Let’s start by including one icon for YouTube. We are going to use a design anchor tag( place the href asset appropriately) with a FontAwesomeIcon component inside of it. This FontAwesomeIcon component will then accept the faYouTube icon as a prop. I likewise defined the width to be a bit bigger than default.

The code will look like this.

Notice, I lent two grades, “youtube” and “social”. We will style all of the social icons exercising the “social” class, and then give the appropriate colouring to each one using the more specific class honour, “youtube” in this case. If you check your browser, it will look like this. Don’t obsess the authorities concerned will tie the coloring shortly.

Now, you we can add the rest of our icons.

Take a examine again at your browser, and they should all show up.

Now, let’s spawn them prettier!

Style The Component

We are able to display all of our social icons, but now we need to wording them a little bit. There are tons of ways of styling React factors. I’ll leave that debate for another daytime. I’ll keep it simple by simply revising the existing styles.css file.

Let’s start by contributing a background and some padding to the receptacle of our icons. If you didn’t before, make a class refer of “social-container” to the parent div in the Social Follow component.

Then, in the styles.css datum, compute a couple of routes to contribute it a light gray background and some padding.

/_ SOCIAL STUFF _/ .social-container

background: #eee;

padding: 25 px 50 px;

Now, let’s mode all of the icons by demonstrating them some breathing room. Additionally, lend its transformation so that we can add a insidious poise result. Lastly, I changed the display to be inline-block. I learned this the hard way, but you cannot convert an inline element.


margin: 0 1rem;

modulation: transform 250 ms;

parade: inline-block;

Then, contribute the flit effect.


convert: translateY( -2px );

Now, your icons should be a little spaced out and have a nice poise effect. The last thing we need to do is give the relevant pigments to the icons.


colouring: #eb3223; a.facebook

complexion: #4968ad; a.twitter

coloring: #49a1eb; a.instagram

coloring: pitch-black;

I left instagram with a pitch-black colour. It’s logo is not a matter solid pigment, so I figured black was ok. Open your app one more time, and it should look pretty good now. The icons are the appropriate colouring, have some spacing, and are so beautiful!


Components in React are astounding because of how easy it is to reuse them. Now that you have your Social Follow component developed, you can move it around to any smudge on your site or to another locate absolutely. Hopefully this helped give you some practice with React as well as a marketing improve!

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