France, Italy, Austria and Greece report record increases in Covid-1 9 specimen; Melbourne cluster stretches. Follow the latest updates live

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6.28 am GMT

A rush for decisions could lead to inferior Covid vaccines, scientists have said.

Scientists have warned that early adoption of a Covid vaccine with only moderate effectiveness could interrupt efforts to test and form improved accounts. Immunising against the disease is not going to be a simple business of turning off the virus once the first vaccine shows, they say. In fact, there could be substantial confusion as researchers struggle to pinpoint the best copies for different vulnerable groups, such as the elderly.

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5.57 am GMT

The number of strengthened coronavirus suits in Germany increased by 11,176 to 429,181, data regarding the Robert Koch Institute for contagious diseases testified on Sunday.

The reported death toll rose by 29 to 10, 032, the tally showed.

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