Flexible electronic newspaper could be available in colour as early as next year, standing decorators to compose cloak, supplements and other makes that double as display screens.

Commonly used on inventions such as Kindle e-readers, e-paper has until now exclusively been available in monochrome, restricting its appeal.

But advances in flexible e-paper technology mean that commodities such as shoes, watches and wears could soon feature full-colour verse, patters and portraits that can perpetually change.

Colour “is the next step”

“Colour is the next step that everybody’s waiting for, ” said Matthew Laird, business development director at Sony Europe.

“Next time[ e-paper makes] are discussing being able to be in a position to secrete coloured ink, and potentially it will change things a lot.”

Kindle e-readers use e-paperKindle e-readers are one of the common uses of e-paper. Photo is politenes of Pexels

Laird met specific comments at a Dezeen talk during London Design Festival. Held at the picture infinite of article label GF Smith, the talk featured Laird as well as Sony Design art director Richard Small, GF Smith paper consultant Vanessa Fletcher and artist Supermundane.

The talk boasted Sony’s Fes Watch U, which has a buckle and face made from a single adaptable expanse of monochrome e-paper.

Both face and belt can display an endlessly changing cycle of epitomes based on patterns that can be downloaded from the internet in seconds.

Can be read in direct sunlight

E-paper is a digital technology that simulates conventional newspaper. Unlike a computer or telephone screen, e-paper is not backlit and emits no illuminate. Images and textbook on e-paper can be read in direct sunlight.

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