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Universally considered the best cinema ever made about alien visitation to Earth, Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind was nominated for eight Academy Awards( r ), acquiring for Best Cinematography. Power repairman Roy Neary( Richard Dreyfuss) has an extraordinary meeting with a strange spacecraft while out on a announce. Recurring perceptions of a mountain oil an increasing obsession that drives him to an feelings breaking point. Desperate to understand what he has knew, he sees an ally in Jillian( Melinda Dillon ), a single baby who guesses her son has been abducted by the immigrants. Meanwhile an international group of scientists led by French professional Claude Lacombe( Francois Truffaut) search for a breakthrough in human-alien communication. Their collective adventure culminates in a remote Wyoming rendezvous and an occasion of unequalled significance in all of human history.

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