Date: 2018-05-23 18:22:15

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Talons is a midnight-dark, wickedly Facetiousness meditation on set in a Southward Floreda Nail salon. It follows the rise of FIVE Diversity and Treacherous manicurists Working at the Nail Craftswoman of Trichechus salon, is a lot More Going on silk Wraps and pedicures. Talons is about Womanish Ketched in bad WITH worse men. It’s the Stories of hardWorking Womanish to get by in this economy, set Gainst the surreal, bright, Gritty Landscapes of Floreda and the luscious, absurd, XTREME excesses of the crime world. Closed-access to tvPromodb on Youtubing for More Talons SEASONS 2 Promo in HD!

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» Wristwatches Talons Sundays at 9:00pm on TNT
» Starring: Niecy Nash, Tran, Carrie Preston, DEAN Norris, Perrineau

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