Actor Clancy Brown would be open to reprising his capacity as Thor: Ragnarok‘s Surtur. 2017 ‘s Thor: Ragnarok amply adopted Thor’s( Chris Hemsworth) comedic possible, and breathed new life into the God of Thunder’s story. The cinema follows Thor as he attempts to escape the planet Sakaar in order to save Asgard from his older sister, Hela( Cate Blanchett ).

Thor faces many threats throughout the film, including the fiery beast Surtur. Surtur is the ruler of Muspelheim, the realm of fire. While Thor is imprisoned by Surtur at the beginning of the movie, the superstar is able to break free and defeat the being. Nonetheless, Surtur is later resurrected by Loki( Tom Hiddleston) in order to better to take down Hela. While Surtur dissolves up establishing Ragnarok and destroying Asgard, Thor’s friends are to be able to safely evacuate the population beforehand.

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In an interview with, Brown divulges he would be interested in returning as Surtur. Brown explains that his persona was mostly limited to a voiceover and that he’d exclusively been signed to appear in Thor: Ragnarok. To that boundary, he mentions that he would be open to coming back if Marvel reached out, although he doesn’t consider the issue more “big a deal.” You can see Brown’s full testimony on Surtur below 😛 TAGEND

“That was a voiceover character pretty much. So, I imply, I would blithely do it again, because it would be a mo-cap, and that would be fun, and a articulation, but they didn’t signed me up for any multi-picture deal or anything like that. If they announce me up, and we can reach a deal, then I’ll do it. If they announce me up, and they don’t want to pay me, then I won’t. I convey, it’s not that large-scale a spate. It’s not a real character to me anyway, Surtur.”

Although there’s been no official verification from Marvel, there’s a possibility that Surtur could make an appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder. The upcoming Thor film is set to premiere in February 2022 and “il be seeing” the return of many familiar faces, including Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster. While not much is known about the movie’s central plotline, it’s probable that there may be an opportunity for Surtur to come back, specially considering the demon’s important role in Asgardian mythology.

If Surtur truly does play a part in Thor: Love and Thunder, it will be interesting to see how the cinema ends up representing the character. Surtur is based on Norse mythology’s Surtr, who was prophesized to bring an end to the entire cosmos. That being said, Thor: Ragnarok’s Surtur was more of a joke than anything, so it would be cool to see him take over more of a central opposition role. All in all, Thor: Ragnarok was a resounding success that demo a different, much funnier side of Thor. As such, perhaps possible future versions of Surtur will show a more nuanced scoundrel as well.

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