A brand-new Chucky video tantalizes the return of Brad Dourif and Jennifer Tilly. Premiering this fall on the Syfy channel, Chucky is creating the iconic killer doll to video for the first time. Back in April, it was exposed Child’s Play franchise idols Alex Vincent and Christine Elise McCarthy would be appearing in the upcoming show.

In 1988, the first Child’s Play film released in theaters. Like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween, Child’s Play was destined to become an iconic right in the horror genre. The cinemas follow a “Good Guy” doll that becomes inhabited by the spirit of a serial assassin. Across the first three films, Chucky attempts to hunt down Andy Barclay, leaving a large body count in the killer doll’s wake. After Child’s Play 3, the franchise took a more a comedic turn in Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky. Those films featured Tiffany Valentine, another possessed doll and partner to Chucky. Child’s Play returned to its more serious beginnings in two precede direct-to-DVD movies. There was also the 2019 reboot, although it had nothing to do with the central continuity. The main storyline is returning in the form of a television series. Development on the Chucky series dates back to 2018, so fans “ve been waiting”. The succession will feature the return of the Nica Pierce, a main supporter in Curse of Chucky and Cult of Chucky.

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A new Chucky teaser( via series author Don Mancini) has been secreted. With filming having begun in April, unhappily there’s no footage in the video. Nonetheless, the teaser does build pleasure for the return of Brad Dourif as the iconic reputation, as well as Jennifer Tilly. Check it out below.

A plot synopsis for the Chucky series was exhausted last year, pestering “untold origins” for the title reference. Located on the summing-up, it’s not known how the depict will continue the events from Cult of Chucky. The movie ended with a preferably big cliffhanger, pestering an upsurge of commotion from the killer doll. When the first trailer arrives for the upcoming series, there are still hopefully be some answers as to where the narration will go.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of Chucky will be the title character’s interactions with Tiffany. The two have had a rather intriguing relationship in the movies. From devotees, to turning against each other, it’s a lot of fun when they’re on screen together. Curse of Chucky revealed Tiffany was blithely working with Chucky again. If the present continues with that, there should be plenty of killer doll duo entertaining to be had.

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Source: Don Mancini

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