A Christmas Prince trilogy superstar Rose McIver wants to do a Netflix holiday movie universe crossover with The Princess Switch serial and The Knight Before Christmas. In the last few years, Netflix has made a name for itself with its anniversary rom-coms, with the first to really capture subscribers’ interests being 2017 ‘s A Christmas Prince, starring McIver as Amber Moore, a journalist sent to the fictional country of Aldovia to dig up dirt on Prince Richard( Ben Lamb ). The pair fallen in love, but their narration didn’t end there; the stars reunited for two sequels: 2018 ‘s A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding and 2019 ‘s A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby.

As Netflix’s lineup of holiday rom-coms has expanded, what began as little Easter eggs in the form of boosters watching other movies on the streaming service in-universe, has grown to become a proper shared world in its own right. The Knight Before Christmas – starring Vanessa Hudgens as Brooke, who drops-off in love with the time-traveling gallant Sir Cole( Josh Whitehouse) – launched Aldovia as a country in the film’s universe. Similarly, this year’s Princess Switch sequel, The Princess Switch: Switched Again, likewise starring Hudgens, confirms that franchise is also part of the Netflix holiday movie shared cosmo with impressions from Aldovia’s king and queen. Now, though McIver has wrapped up the Christmas Prince trilogy, it seems the actress would like to reprise her role as Queen Amber in a proper crossover film.

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On Twitter, McIver shared the chart explaining Netflix’s holiday movie shared nature that the streaming service firstly exhausted last year – which explains why it doesn’t included 2020 ‘s The Princess Switch: Switched Again. Along with the graphic, McIver writes, “Gosh I hope we get to make a crossover film.” See McIver’s tweet below.

Shared universes and crossover cinemas have, of course, been a major tendency in Hollywood since the massive success of Marvel Studios’ Marvel Cinematic Universe and their Avengers movies. While Netflix’s holiday movie shared cosmo isn’t undoubtedly on the same level as the MCU, those who have become invested in the stories of the series’ respective personas would no doubt experience reading them all united together on screen. Since Hudgens toy Brooke in The Knight Before Christmas as well as the three lookalike characters in The Princess Switch and Switched Again( Stacy, Margaret and new add-on Fiona ), a crossover could work to explain how Brooke fits into the universe and “why theres” four women who look accurately the same.

That said, it’s unclear whether Netflix or MPCA – the production busines behind all three lines in addition to fellow Netflix holiday movies Holiday in the Wild, The Holiday Calendar and Christmas Inheritance – will decide to do a crossover movie. Considering the viral success of both A Christmas Prince and The Princess Switch movies, as well as the delight inspired by the concept of Netflix’s shared anniversary movie nature, it’s certainly possible McIver’s hope comes to fruition. But until such a crossover cinema is announced, the holiday movies remain available to watch on Netflix, and onlookers can try to figure out how to determine the persistence across A Christmas Prince trilogy, The Princess Switch movies and The Knight Before Christmas make sense.

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Source: Rose McIver/ Twitter

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