Warning! SPOILERS for Canada’s Drag Race season 2 bout 4 below!

This week on Canada’s Drag Race season 2 bout 4, the queens brought out their best celebrity impersonations as they rivalled in the Snatch Game. This incident started with the iconic read challenge, and let’s just say that the Canadian queens threw some colour and weren’t “sorry aboot it.” As expected, Icesis Couture won the reading challenge after delivering some of the funniest jokes of the darknes. During the walkthroughs with Brooke Lynn Hytes, the queens uncovered which fames they’d play on the Snatch Game.

Icesis Couture chose to impersonate the iconic La Veneno. Pythia picked Grimes as her attribute, which could be hilarious or fall flat. Adriana decided to do Sofia Vergara given that the Colombian accent was already there. Suki Doll picked Yoko Ono, a very interesting choice that could’ve turned the party if done right. Meanwhile, Kimora Amour chose to play Leslie Jones, which was a great choice for the Snatch Game. Despite considering Anna Faris as an option, Gia Metric moored on make Jim Carrey. Kendall Gender bided on brand with her impersonation of Kris Jenner. As for Synthia Kiss, she decided to do fad stylist Rachel Zoe. Last-place but not least, Eve 6000 considered Jennifer Coolidge but chose to go with Bernie Sanders instead.

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From the moment this Snatch Game started, it became clear that Suki Doll’s Yoko Ono and Adriana’s Sofia Vergara were bombarding in a major channel. Suki’s jokes exactly didn’t land, and Adriana was clearly restless. Another less-than-stellar performance was Eve 6000 ‘s Bernie Sanders. It could’ve succeeded, but something was missing. She was probably better off make Jennifer Coolidge. In turn, Icesis Couture’s performance of La Veneno and Gia Metric’s impersonation of Jim Carrey were astonishing. Icesis didn’t deliver as numerous jokes and visual gags, but she ogled just like La Veneno. As for Gia, she perfectly steamrolled this maxi challenge. Synthia Kiss’ parody of Rachel Zoe was also fantastic, specially when she interacted with Brad Goreski. Brooke was also very familiar with Rachel, which helped. When it comes to Pythia, Kimora Amour, and Kendall Gender, they weren’t the worst, but they weren’t the best, either.

On the runway, the queens had another opportunity to reference a fame and paid tribute to a Canadian scene-stealer. Kimora Amour did Deborah Cox, Synthia Kiss did Jeanne Beker, Gia Metric did Mike Myers( as Austin Powers ), Adriana did Vanessa Morgan, Pythia did Catherine O’Hara( as Moira Rose ), Kendall Gender did Stacey McKenzie, and both Suki Doll and Icesis Couture did Sandra Oh. But let it be known that Suki’s Killing Eve take over Sandra Oh was better than Icesis’ Grey’s Anatomy reference. In the end, Synthia Kiss, Kimora Amour, and Pythia were the three best, and Synthia prevailed her first maxi challenge. It was a gag that Gia Metric didn’t land in the top this week, but that’s what the judges decided. Suki Doll, Eve 6000, and Adriana were in the bottom three, but Adriana was spared from lip syncing.

The lip sync for your life between Eve and Suki was not very good, but Eve did just enough to catch the judges’ attention and save herself on Canada’s Drag Race. It seems like the queens cherished having Suki in the contender and were ready to see Eve move, but that’s not how things played out this week. Nonetheless, Suki exited the display as a class act and leave behind a very sweet and positive message.

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Canada’s Drag Race season 2 breezes Thursdays at 9 p. m. ET on the WOW Presents Plus streaming service.

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