Can documentaries have powerful real-world impact? Blackfish virtually bankrupted Seaworld, Making A Murderer helped Brendan Dassey’s case for modesty …. but is that really what happened?

In this Bigger Picture video essay, writer Eliz Mizon (@ elizmanon) argues that documentaries start conferences, but they can’t spark real change.

Catch these programmes on Netflix UK/ IE:
Making a Murderer( 2015 – 18)
Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich( 2020)
Blackfish( 2013)
Gaga: Five Foot Two( 2017)
Taylor Swift: Miss Americana( 2019)
Fahrenheit 11/9( 2018)
La 92( 2017)
Becoming( 2020)
Dirty Money( 2018)
The Mind Explained( 2019)
13th( 2016)
Rising Phoenix( 2020)
The Social Dilemma( 2020)
My Octopus Teach( 2020)
American Factory( 2019)
Knock Down the House( 2019)
Crip Camp( 2020)
Disclosure( 2020)

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Can Documentary Change The World? | Bigger Picture | Video Essay

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