The centre’s barnstorming performance facilitates soften up Ireland as Eddie Jones’s ornery, outsize unit generate a view of what they are capable of at their best

It had been six months to the extremely daylight since England last frisked at Twickenham, in a World Cup warm-up against Ireland, and that was a handsome victory too, even prettier than this one. Since then, they’ve been halfway various regions of the world and back again, one pace away from the top of it, too, when they lost to South Africa in the final.

They’ve clocked up a lot of miles, a gala few wins and those two telling wins, the one in Yokohama and the other in Paris, since. And now the issue is back. In more directions than one, since they were playing something like the action they did last-place autumn when they earned those two joins against Australia and New Zealand.

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