Earlier this week Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly unveiled a brand-new trailer for its co-operative sci-fi looter-shooter Outriders, and now, as promised, it’s shared a pick selection of gameplay details and videos as part of a half-hour long livestream reveal.

On a fundamental rank, it perhaps wasn’t the most revelatory of unveilings for Outriders, with little register to truly distinguish it from its peers; it’s a “dark” third-person cover-based shooter set in a “brutal nightmarish world” that ticks all the usual lite-RPG boxes are far as categorizes, skill trees, customisation, and oddity based loot buy travels. That doesn’t mean it’s a failure though; it seems to have an interesting premise, a dazzling, astonishingly diverse planet to explore, and, of course, People Can Fly’s evident expertise when it comes to gunplay.

Breaking all that down, Outriders tells the story of a group of adventurers tasked with exploring Enoch, a luxuriant, untouched planet chosen to be the area of a new human colonisation act. Shortly after arriving, however, the group encounters a inexplicable signal, and, in attempting to trace its root, guides into a damaging whirlwind known as the Anomaly. To escape its effects, the Outriders retreat into cryo-sleep, awakening 30 year later to an almost unrecognisable world.

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