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Bryan Cranston has said he would like to play the late Marvel legend Stan Lee in a biopic about the comicbook writer.

Lee, who organized many of the marvelous Marvel personas we know and love today including Spider-Man, Iron Man and the X-Men, passed away on Monday( November 12) at the age of 95.

Without him we wouldn’t have The Avengers, The Defenders, Blade and a apparently never aiming inventory of other heroes.

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Ever since a fan-made posting for a Stan Lee biopic performing Breaking Bad’s very own Bryan Cranston exited viral two years ago, devotees have been calling for this film to happen.

Noticing the similarity between the actor and Lee, a follower photoshopped a advertisement for Cranston’s 2016 movie The Infiltrator supplementing’ Bryan Cranston is Stan Lee ‘, the tagline’ the most effective ways to convention the universe is to create it’ and a secrete year of’ April 2017 ‘.

My favourite fraction is the thought of Iron Man’s helmet and Captain America’s shield in Cranston’s glasses.

The earliest account of the poster we could find online was created by the Tumblr page Entertain Me Weakly 😛 TAGEND

https :// announce/ 14672752464 0/ till-then-keep-thy-webs-untangled-stan-lee

Although right now this biopic isn’t happening in an interview with UNILAD Cranston “re saying it” will definitely be a role he’d be interested in playing.

Also paying tribute to Lee, Cranston said 😛 TAGEND

Yeah he was, I dislike to say genius, but he was the man who had great insight into how to humanise superheroes, how to attain them relatable and by uttering them breaches, relatable human inaccuracies, that spawned them available to audiences.

And so he really had a natural ability of communication and an honest genuine way of writing that textile that really extorted the public in in order to certainly invest in those characters.

Sure, I would be interested in looking into that if someone has an idea to seeing how to develop a tribute movie to the astounding Mr Lee.

Someone please make this happen!

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