Brie Larson had the excellent response for people who want Captain Marvel to smile more

For the first time ever, Marvel is exhausting a female-led superhero movie. It stars Brie Larson as Captain Marvel and looks just like a relentles, act parcelled good time. Of course, people on Twitter have tried to ruin this stimulating instant by deploring that Captain Marvel doesn’t smile fairly( yup, Twitter is literally a scum fire ).

Larson swooped in like the real-life superhero she is and offered up the best response.

It all started with males get mad that Captain Marvel didn’t look happy enough in the movie trailer( yup, even ass-kicking, time-traveling Captain Marvel isn’t immune to stupid doubled standards ). Some started as far as to suggest that Larson wasn’t energized about being in the movie because she used straight-faced.

I guess it doesn’t quite occur to them that MAYBE she’s straight-faced because she’s pretty busy saving countries around the world and has a lot on her plate. Sorry you guys are so peril and confused by a woman who isn’t all smiles and sunshine.

I’ve never seen person so uninterested in being a super protagonist. NOW I understand why Samuel L. Jackson bailed out.https :// yiJb7rUcS 9

— Javon Swint( check out my YouTube channel) (@ JavonSwint) September 18, 2018

The entire season her face was like she’s going to a relateds wake and her powers look like they just got back from the CW. I’m good.https :// q1tOp8wKpb

— Wanthru Sikks (@ WSikks) September 18, 2018

Is Brie Larson capable of any other facial expression other than this one? That face- talk about a piece of grove. #FirstImpressions #CaptainMarvel bLkPMjaEP2

— Brett R. Smith ❌ (@ BrettRSmith7 6) September 18, 2018

One Twitter user decided to literally photoshop a smile onto Larson’s face. Yup. Someone actually took time out of their day to digitally alter a smile onto her face because he was so bummed that Larson is not a cheerful, friendly female superhero. I speculation he was just as pee-pee that Chris Evans wasn’t smiley in any of his superhero movie trailers.

I defined #CaptainMarvel! Thanks @faceapp_ai. @DiversityAndCmx @TheQuartering @OneAngryGamerHD SWx1ReRuJN

— Turd Flinging Monkey (@ TFMonkeyYouTube) September 18, 2018

Larson caught hurricane of this whole act and responded by photoshopping smiles onto the faces of male superheroes. Up first: Grinning Iron Man.

Image via Instagram/ Brie Larson

And Dr. Strange Smile.

Image via Instagram/ Brie Larson

Oh and doesn’t Captain America appears so much better now that he’s proving some teeth?

Image via Instagram/ Brie Larson

“Breaking news: You can be you. That means you can smile or not, ” she wrote in her narration. “You can be strong in accordance with the rules you want to be. You can own who you are. If anyone say to you different don’t rely them.”

Yes, Captain Marvel, YES.

Brie Larson Offers Perfect Clap Back To Sexist Trolls Telling Her To Smile More

The rest of the( emotionally rational) internet promptly praised Larson and included their own two cents about the whole disagreeable” smile more” phenomenon.

men: brie larson can’t be a superhero bc she only moves one facial expression how about we edit all of her photos to where she’s smiling ok huge now it looks like she can actually actbrie:* ascertains postsbrie:* posts pics on her ig of the guy protagonists with imitation smiles

— mari (@ clhbellamy) September 20, 2018

The CAPTAIN MARVEL trailer has had two major criticisms 😛 TAGEND

1. Old lady being punched2. Brie Larson doesn’t smile

My responses are 1, shut up and stop looking for things to be offended by, and 2, Brie is playing a stoic reputation trying to solve a personal whodunit.( 1/5)

— Blake Northcott™✨ (@ BlakeNorthcott) September 19, 2018

Uhh, I’ve listened SO countless dudes say: “Brie Larson doesn’t was like she’s having’ fun’. She’s too serious.”

Translation: “Pretty girlfriends should smile more”

Fellas, please be mindful that these comments reinforce gender stereotypes. Help change culture expectations. #CaptainMarvel gvgIQVafQf

— Tony B Kim (@ Crazy4ComicCon) September 19, 2018

No other @MarvelStudios hero certainly smiles in their trailers so stop telling @captainmarvel to “smile more”. @brielarson deserves better.https :// r2xy0RDuDg XrvJgdSbap

— rachel leishman (@ RachelLeishman) September 19, 2018

Here’s hoping that internet reporters google the words” double guideline” to fully understand why their comments are sexist. In the meantime, Captain Marvel will be hectic moving above it all and saving countries around the world. She doesn’t have time for trolls.

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