During last night’s debate in Indiana, incumbent Dem Senator Joe Donnelly raised more than a few eyebrows with some” odd wording” while attempting to praise some of his staffers.

” Our regime chairman is Indian American, but he does an amazing task ,” said here senator 😛 TAGEND

Some odd phrasing from @SenDonnelly attempting to highlight the diversity of his staff 😛 TAGEND

“Our state director is Indian American, but he does an amazing job.” #INSEN

— David Catanese (@ davecatanese) October 30, 2018

What’s with the “but”? He then exerted the same construction to talk about an African American staffer 😛 TAGEND

Followed up with: “Our director of all ingredient services, she’s African American. But she does an even more extraordinary chore than you could ever imagine.” https :// t.co/ xVttn2xohW

— Josh Kraushaar (@ HotlineJosh) October 31, 2018

It does remind us of Michael Scott from” The Office “:

( via DM) “Donnelly is like Michael Scott in the Diversity Day episode” pic.twitter.com/ TpFvUSQHaz

— Liam Donovan (@ LPDonovan) October 31, 2018

“WTF” is right 😛 TAGEND


— Comfortably Smug (@ ComfortablySmug) October 31, 2018

And it’s not just us. Colby Itkowitz from the Washington Post’s Fix blog writes 😛 TAGEND

These are the things Veep writer’s reverie are made of — hue deafen explanations likely intended well, but totally offensive.

And Fox News’ Bret Baier asks the question 😛 TAGEND

Hmmm. “…but she does a great job”. Will that get attention in this environment? https :// t.co/ r6giskG3dD

— Bret Baier (@ BretBaier) October 31, 2018

And here’s the answer 😛 TAGEND

Can we just be honest and say that if Mike Braun had said this it would be an issue but it won’t because Donnelly is a Dem?

— Lisa Boothe (@ LisaMarieBoothe) October 31, 2018

It will pass.


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