Janina Gavankar has been cast as a brand-new character in the Borderlands movie. The performer is best known for her roles in sees like True Blood and Sleepy Hollow, and for playing Iden Versio in the video game, Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Gavankar assembles an ensemble led by Cate Blanchett that includes Kevin Hart, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jack Black, Ariana Greenblatt, Florian Monteanu, Haley Bennett, Edgar Ramirez, and Olivier Richards. Borderlands will be written by Craig Mazin( Chernobyl) and directed by Eli Roth.

The Borderlands video games center on a group of mercenary treasure seekers announced Vault Hunters, “whos working” as soldiers for hire in the outer rim of a galaxy run by militarized firms. The movie searches to be adapting many of those same factors, with exponents, Lilith( Blanchett) and Roland( Hart ), both first appearing as musician references in the first competition. The film will be set on the wasteland world of Pandora, following Lilith and her ragtag team on a seeking to find the daughter of galactic mogul, Atlas( Ramirez ).

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Gavankar has now been added to the Borderlands assign as a brand-new character. Gearbox Entertainment CEO, Randy Pitchford– who oversee developed at the Borderlands games- announced the report on Twitter, stating that Gavankar will toy “an all-new character[ Pitchford] worded specifically for this story.” Gavankar’s character, Commander Knoxx, is a member of Atlas’ elite military force the Crimson Lance, and is the daughter of play devil General Knoxx. “She is, in a word, badass, ” Pitchford wrote. Read the full tweet below 😛 TAGEND

The Borderlands film is one of countless video game changes currently in development for film and television. Mazin himself is also working on HBO’s The Last of Us sequence, based on the acclaimed post-apocalyptic game series from Naughty Dog. Netflix alone is in the process of accommodating several different game assets, including Resident Evil, Assassin’s Creed, and Tomb Raider. There are also a number of other game-based feature films in development, such as the Tom Holland-led Uncharted movie and the Mortal Kombat reboot, which freeings on April 23.

Unlike some of those other tournaments, Borderlands isn’t inevitably knows we its narration. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean it can’t work well on the big screen. The sarcastic and darkly comic sci-fi world of Borderland is distinct and full of absurd people, many of whom are making their way into the film. With fluke, that potential can be transformed into a fill movie for new and old-fashioned followers alike when Borderlands releases.

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