When you’re not gallivanting about the galaxy with your clique of eccentric Crismon Raiders, Borderlands 3 is all about collecting my very best arsenal of tasty loot- handguns, shields, stat buffing mods and artifacts, whatever makes. For a time limit there are tons of Rare Spawn Hunt locations for you to find around Pandora and beyond, which give you an extra chance to unearth the scarcest gilded bangles- here’s where to find all 14!

Borderlands 3 Rare Spawn Hunt Locations

We’ve embedded the following video from our friends over at Arekkz Gaming with the exact points of each spot, if you’d prefer a visual template. But we’ll still roll them very 😛 TAGEND

With all of these rare spawns, they’re still not 100% guaranteed to appear. If you pate to a particular area and you can’t find what you’re looking for, you need to load out of the area and then back in again to trigger a respawn:

Rakkman- Northeast of Carnivora map on Pandora

El Dragon Jr- In Mayhem Mode, at the back of the Leery Hamlet on Eden-6

Road hound- Can spawn in the centre of the Splinterlands on Pandora

Indo Tyrant- Chance to spawn in the Floodmoor Basin on Eden-6

Force Troopers- Small spawn chance on the second floor of the Courtyard of Innovation- near the Typhon Log- at the Atlas HQ on Promethea

Demoskaggan- In the eastern part of The Droughts on Pandora

The Unstoppable- Found in the center of the Ambermire on Eden-6

Thunk& Sloth- Inside the hangar on the eastern side of Konrad’s Hold on Pandora

Maxitrillion- On the top floor of The Family Jewel ship in the Voracious Canopy on Eden-6

Borman Nates- At the promoted raider camp near the center of the Meridian Outskirts on Promethea

Princess Tarantella II- Found at the Sifted Mar, which is in the northwest of The Splinterlands on Pandora

Mother of Grogans, The Uncorroded, Queen of the Sewer Kingdom- Go to the northwestern area in The Anvil on Eden-6- this is the same enemy as the Game of Thrones easter egg

Red Jabber- Found in the southeast of the Ambermire on Eden-6

Urist McEnforcer- In the underground subway area of Lectra City on Promethea

The best Rare Spawn places to raise in Borderlands 3

Arekkz knows a thing or two about grinding out the best gear, and he’s also put together a list of the top 5 best Rare Spawn points with the most useful discontinues to maximise your time grinding for:

If you can’t- or don’t want to- watch the video, they are:

Princess Tarantella II- The Splinterlands, Pandora- Drops the “Hive” rocket launcher which synergizes well with Moze Road Dog- The Splinterlands, Pandora- Close to the Princess, so can double up. Drops the Double-penetrating Redline shotgun Red Jabber- Ambermire, Eden-6- Drops a random, strong, and uncommon acclaimed grenade mod, and can be achieved quickly from the nearby fast-travel point Mother of Grogans, The Uncorroded, Queen of the Sewer Kingdom- The Anvil, Eden-6- Similar to the Jabber, but with Artifacts Force Troopers- Atlas HQ, Promethea- Again , no specific piece, but chance to drop a random legendary class mod, which is rare

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