Sometimes it’s nice to stick to the oldies.

Bob’s Burgers Season 11 Episode 3 was a classic Bob’s Burgers episode that gave us panoramas where Bob talked to inanimate objects, Linda sang, Teddy was inattentive, and the children planned behind their parents’ backs.

Even though this nightclub themed chapter shared many calibers with past ones, the storylines were still unique and the chuckles were as frequent as ever.

As an added plus, numerous favorite recurring references returned, representing every hardcore Bob’s Burgers fan squeal with joy.

Bob and Linda - Bob's Burgers Season 11 Episode 3

If it’s not burst, why tie it?

This saying can be applied to multiple Bob’s Burgers episodes, but the writers chose to mix it up a bit on the first two occurrences of Bob’s Burgers Season 11.

Mr. Fischoeder: Don’t blab like you do.Bob: Wait, what do you mean, like I do? Mr. Fischoeder: Loose cheeks, wide hips.Bob: Hm.Mr. Fischoeder: Large nips, I assume.Bob: Uh, I-I mean, yeah.

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They were good chapters in their own, but it feels good to get back to normal and, thankfully, it was with an bout that had everything you would ever want on a Bob’s Burgers episode.

From the epic — and sometimes violent — sibling rivalry between the Fischoeders to Linda peeing in a closet, Copa-Bob-bana was a delight.

Mr. Fischoeder - Bob's Burgers Season 11 Episode 3

The Fischoeders have a relationship like no other, with Mr. Fischoeder treating Felix like the annoying youngster that he is by always searching down on him — figuratively and literally.

So, it was no surprise that Mr. Fischoeder was only humoring Felix with the brand-new nightclub, but that didn’t make it any less hilarious when Felix got drunkard and almost submerge the place with waste out of spite.

It’s a strange dynamic, as they seemingly make up as if they weren’t just trying to strangle one another, but that’s siblings for you.

The two of them are definitely a highlight of the appearance, and it’s ever a pleasure when we get to see them again with new storylines and a brand-new thing to battle about.

Bob Belcher - Bob's Burgers Season 11 Episode 3

While the Fischoeder Brothers were saying over the state of the nightclub, Bob was — of course — admiring its fairly kitchen and talking to the oven and the stove.

Bob had pretty much fallen in love with the kitchen that was more advanced than his own, but regrettably, neat things don’t usually last-place for him.

Move over Humpty Bogart and Ingrid Birdman, here comes Bob and Linda!

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Maybe one day he’ll get to run the restaurants sector of his dreams with a beautiful kitchen and a dining room that is always full, but that would probably take away from his attribute and perform him less relatable.

Bob’s appreciation for kitchenware and everything nutrient related has always been admirable and a bit familiar in terms of having dreams and a passion.

Even though the articulations he does for the various amount of inanimate objects he talks to is a bit strange, they always demonstrate us a good laugh.

Karaoke - Bob's Burgers Season 11 Episode 3

Linda — hilariously dubbed “Lady Burger” by Mr. Fischoeder — also tried to express one of her most fervent joys but couldn’t because of the disastrous brothers.

So maybe we didn’t get to see Linda perform her duo with Mr. Fischoeder, but an escapade with Linda singing even a little bit will always be a good one.

Bob: Uh, I-I don’t think so.Mr. Fischoeder: We’ll give you a month’s rent for free.Bob: Okay, I’ll do it.Linda: A month’s rent in one night is more than we start in a few months!

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It is a shame that we didn’t to have seen the epic duet on the actual episode instead of only on the end credits, but that didn’t mean that Linda didn’t get her moment.

Fortunately for us, and maybe regrettably for Linda, one of the most important laughs that this episode raised was through her peeing in the closet.

It’s so classic Linda that it’s dishonest to the other funny instants on the bout. But we are not complaining one bit.

Louise and Gene - Bob's Burgers Season 11 Episode 3

While shenanigans ensued at the nightclub, the Belcher teenagers were justification shenanigans of their own with a stopgap pond in the vault of the restaurant.

Okay, so how poorly do you want to know what it’s like to swim through a assortment of soggy buns?

Just typing that out realise me grovel because it dins so unspeakable, and yet, Tina, Gene, and Louise represented it sound like the best fun any one person could have.

Teddy: Should we ask your mom and dad firstly? Louise: No , no , no , no , no. We can’t. Because it’s for them. It’s a present for their, um, anniversary, and that’s, oh wow, that’s tomorrow.Teddy: Their anniversary’s not tomorrow.Louise: Oh yeah, I know. But the anniversary of the working day that they firstly travelled swimming together is.Gene: Their swim-iversary!

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Like most things on this indicate, the soggy buns were a glad collision after the kids’ secret pool party resulted in the tank leaking.

The defendant itself was proving to be a dud, even with Tina’s brand-new stripey bathing suit. But now, it will be all the school is talking about thanks to Gene’s quick conceiving with the buns. Maybe they’ll even advantage some popularity from it.

Tina - Bob's Burgers Season 11 Episode 3

There returning back patron hotshots galore with the Fischoeders, Mickey, Chloe, and it was everything and more.

One of the many things that Bob’s Burgers exceeds at is its repeat personas that randomly pop up from time-to-time, there is not one dud that comes to mind.

Tina: Huh. This plate’s still dirty. Even for us.Bob: Yeah, our dishwasher doesn’t work that well. And it spills. And it’s old.Gene: Look who’s talking.

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And now with a lot of people not working thanks to COVID-1 9, why can’t the picture come Bill Hader back for an episode?

Mickey has now come a long way from the bank robber he formerly was, and it’s always a joyfulnes to see him featured on a new incident to get an update as to how he is doing.

And Chloe is a character that we don’t recognize often, but when we do it’s terribly entertaining thanks to Louise’s aversion towards her.

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What did you think Bob’s Burgers Fanatics?

Were you happy that the writers served us a classic occurrence? Which recurring character were you most excited to see back?

And is anyone going to try swimming in a pond of soggy buns?

Let me know in the comments and do not forget that you can watch Bob’s Burgers online right here via TV Fanatic!

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