In lew of being able to have a bigger celebration for their favorite anniversary of its first year, Blumhouse will be hosting BlumFest 2020 this year. Many of the entertainment industry’s biggest incidents have gone virtual this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Located on the success of such open contests, Blumhouse believes they have a good mean in place for a suitable Halloween celebration.

According to a press release, the first annual BlumFest will take place on Thursday, October 29, two days before Halloween. It is likely to be streamed live on Blumhouse’s YouTube and Facebook sheets, starts at 1 p.m. ET/ 10 a.m. PT. It will peculiarity a number of panels from Blumhouse productions, as well as updates on a number of products, information proclamations, and sneak previews.

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A number of projects will have a presence during the event. Jason Blum himself will be involved in a discussion about the company’s collaboration with Amazon, Welcome to the Blumhouse. The adepts of The Craft: Legacy and Freaky will be among those who discuss those upcoming films. Additionally, cruelty icon Jamie Lee Curtis will discuss the 2021 handout of Halloween Kills, and Ethan Hawke will discuss his Showtime series, The Good Lord Bird. A virtual gala ahead of the horror genre’s favorite vacation by one of the genre’s most prolific makes is a great way to engage with devotees. It too seems like a strong opportunity to fix some stun edicts and generate further enthusiasm for the upcoming Blumhouse projections.

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