Who are you able trust?

That seems to be the question at the core of all three storylines on Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 7.

Frank insisted on leaving the benefit of the doubt to an ex-cop his organization didn’t think was on the up-and-up, Jamie reckoned the friend who dedicated him a induce was a kook, and Danny had to get a shooting victim’s son to trust him while simultaneously trying to win over the detective working the case.

Hot on His Heels/Tall - Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 7

For the second largest time in a row, Danny didn’t shoot at a doubt, but this time he had a reason that might sit better with viewers.

Danny: You okay, Scott? Scott: My dad’s gonna live, right? Danny: The doctors working on him are top notch. Now, have you heard of any bad blood around here? Scott: Why didn’t you shoot at the person who did it? Danny: I was taking out the scum. I was in my pajamas. I didn’t have my shoot on me.

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Rather than making a judgment call, he didn’t have his gun handy when an unknown person suddenly pulled up and shot at his neighbor.

I cherished this set-up.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that cops are human beings who have lives of their own and aren’t on duty 24 hours a day, But as Danny’s experience revealed, that’s not realistic.

Butting Heads - Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 7

Cops “re going to have to” do menial assignments like taking out the scrap, and having one next door doesn’t guarantee that he can protect you from all crime.

After the shooting, of course, Danny exited right back into policeman mode.

His butting foremen with the detective assigned to the case was usual Danny.

But Scott’s reactions were a more compelling angle to this case than yet another incident where Danny couldn’t get along with someone and ignored his commanding officer’s seeks to get things done his way.

No Going Back - Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 7

Scott was a hotheaded, instinctive child … probably a good deal like Danny once was.

He was so incensed and insistent that no one was handing his father justice that he roughly became a vigilante.

Danny: Joel Ross, you’re under arrest.Scott: Not til I get a piece of him. He shot my dad .[ Ferrell whacks Scott to the ground .[ Ferrell: He’s under arrest. You miss a piece of that very?

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His insistence that Danny was “breaking his promise” by not discovering the man who tried to kill Sal right away was not only irritating but too actively interfered with Danny’s ability to solve the case.

He didn’t like Danny questioning his father and said that Danny was analyse his dad talking a believe. But how did he expect Danny to get to the bottom of this case?

Trusting an Ex-Detective - Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 7

And then the teenager made a boneheaded move when Danny and Ferrell eventually arrested the would-be killer. Attacking the believe before his arrest was even terminated was stupid and gave everyone at risk.

Joel wasn’t in cuffs hitherto. He could have escaped during the commotion, and since he was half-cuffed, he could have seriously hurt someone by shake the cuff at their face.

I almost cared Ferrell had arrested Scott to coach him a lesson.

He too deserved to be questioned hard-bitten about what he was trying to cover up when he interfered with Danny’s questions. Maybe that would have learnt him his lesson.

Chasing a Cold Trail - Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 7

Meanwhile, Jamie got the quaint client this time.

These lighter actions generally try to offset the more serious investigations, but they always be brought to an end being annoying.

I had to wonder if Allison was this irritating when she and Jamie went to high school together. I couldn’t stand her for more than two seconds at a time, and I didn’t know how Jamie put up with her at all.

She must have always been like that to some degree since the whole Reagan family seemed to chalk up her nonsense to her temperament and not to the influence of podcasts.

But that requests the issue of what Jamie ever ascertained in her. I know boys don’t ever oblige the best friendship decisions, but sheesh.

From Cop to Witness - Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 7

It was recreation for Jamie to be the one working with Anthony, though.

It was a beautiful reform from the sniping Anthony and Danny tend to do when they’re required to work together, and they culminated up putting in solid detective work to prove that their suppose wasn’t disabled and WAS a murderer.

( Side notation: running away was stupid. It did nothing but prove that his injuries were phony .)

And then there was Frank’s story.

Many viewers criticized Frank’s interference with a precinct captain’s brand-new responsibility on Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 6, and here he was again weighing an officer’s fate.

A Suspected Crime Ring - Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 7

In this case, though, Frank felt the man had been clamped over and wanted to give him a second chance despite his staff’s reservations.

Garrett: Mackenzie? Frank: The harder it is to show respect, the harder you have to work at it.Garrett: Precisely a single word. In the eyes of the public, he’s a prejudiced cop.Frank: That’s about a dozen utterances, and it’s all nonsense. That judge should be impeached.Garrett: Doesn’t matter. The public eye won’t blink.

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Fans who the hell worried that Blue Bloods was drawing back from its normal full-throated defense of cops should have been satisfied this time.

Rather than is in conflict with a cop’s livelihood, Frank was determined to find a way to restore one’s good name.

I cherished his explanation to Garrett and Sid that deciding when to give the benefit of the doubt is the hardest part of his job.

A Childhood Friend - Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 7

Frank always tries to do what is right and clearly detests having to make decisions that can significantly impact officers’ life-times, peculiarly where reference is feels those decisions were unfair in retrospect.

And this time, he turned out to be justified, though Mackenzie should have been more familiar with how spy specimen wield than he turned out to be.

Like Frank, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was just rusty after a year off the force.

Your turn, Blue Bloods fanatics.

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