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Memphis rapper Blocboy JB, inventor of the loathsome “shoot” disco and the viral knock hymn” Look Alive” with Drake, was arrested today on a litany of charges including drug and paraphernalia self-possession, belonging fraud, and handgun control, according to Fox’s Memphis affiliate. As Blocboy is a convicted delinquent, the handgun property is a trespas on its own. The original warrant for the charges was issued February 16, while Blocboy turned himself in today, a wait his lawyer’s attributed to travel.

Breaking: SCSO necessary help in situate James Baker, 22, better known as BlocBoy JB. Baker is demanded for poss of drugs& stimulant paraphernalia, a imprisoned felon in poss of a handgun,& for theft of prop. Anyone with gratuities regarding Baker’s location is asked to contact law enforcement. aaTQ5mjHGB

— ShelbyTNSheriff (@ ShelbyTNSheriff) February 16, 2019

The 22 -year-old Blocboy, whose real epithet is James Baker, is increased to renown early last year with the help of his Drake-assisted” Look Alive” and the viral following of the shoot dancing, which eventually discovered its nature into memes, boasting happens, and the videogame Fortnite, where it can be used as a purchased “emote” allowing players’ avatars to do the hop in performance or as a razz. Blocboy is actually indicting Epic Recreation, the creators of Fortnite, for royalties, meeting fellow rapper 2 Milly and Instagram personality Backpack Kid in pursuing reinstatement for their acquired moves( 2 Milly’s” milly rock” and Backpack Kid’s “floss” ).

Blocboy appeared in courtroom with his solicitor after turning himself in, was taken into detention, and had bail set at $50,000. Blocboy’s recently published melodic form was alongside Charlotte rapper Da Baby in their comedic” Mini Van” video.

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