What happens in Budapest stays in Budapest. Black Widow is finally here! After almost a two year wait, the Black Widow Movie is in theaters( and on Disney Plus ). Directed by Cate Shortland, The 24 th movie in the MCU saga is a prequel named between Civil War and Infinity War with BIG connections to Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the upcoming Hawkeye series, AND we’ll take a look at a new musician who seems to be assembling a label superhero brand-new squad in the MCU Phase 4. So if you’re looking for Black Widow’s intent illustrated and/ or post-credits excused, connect IGN host Max Scoville for the full Black Widow breakdown and all the Easter Eggs we could find.

In the Black Widow trailer, Scarlett Johanson represents Natasha Romanoff, one of the most severe fighters in the entire Marvel universe. Marvel Studios’ Black Widow demonstrates witness an inside look at one of Marvel Studios’ finest: Black Widow. Florence Pugh aces as Yelena Bolova, joined by co-stars David Harbour and Rachel Weiss. In Black Widow 2021, Marvel’s Black Widow( not to be confused with an actual black widow spider) shows what Avengers do in between MCU movies on Disney Plus.

Black Widow Disney Plus facets Black Widow, Taskmaster and a knot of other courages you’ve probably never heard of before, except for perhaps Red Guardian, who is pretty new. Rockstars like Natasha Romanoff match heroes like the Red Guardian and rapidly recognize there’s an emergency. Awesome things happen exactly the same, specially when Valentina Allegra De Fontaine shows up to recruit for either the Dark Avengers or Avengers West Coast. Who is she working for? Probably Nick Fury.

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