whitney plantationGerald Herbert/ AP

A group of 15 blacknes Tulane medical school students are attaining national headlines for their recent outing to nearby Whitney Plantation. The group posed for paintings in front of the slave one-fourths at the former plantation, to create inspirational images showing how far their people have come. “This was such a potent know-how, and it honestly accompanied me to tears, ” one of the students, Sydney Labat, said. Visit Insider’s homepage for more floors .

A group of Black medical students at Tulane University have garnered national attending for the photos they took over the weekend, constituting in their white-hot coats outside a former plantation’s slave quarters.

Second-year medical student Russell Ledet, 33, was put forward with the idea after seeing the Whitney Plantation museum with his 8-year-old daughter last summer.See the rest of the narration at Business Insider

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