Torrent locates are getting more and more difficult to come by due to copyright laws. You need a schedule of deluge areas that are regularly updated and recommend continuing assistances. Here, “were having” gathered for you a complete and current list.

Believe me, it was quite difficult to compile it, because even very good sites tend to disappear in a period. In recent years, the situation has been constantly changing, services have now and then closed down, a good deal of frankly mediocre sites with low-quality, dangerous, and even counterfeit tides have appeared. That is why you too need a roll of reliable search engines working with torrents.

Such well-known business as ExtraTorrent, KickassTorrents, and TorrentProject no longer work- some were closed by force, some were closed to avoid persecution. However, there are other services.

Very often, well-known torrent places fell within barriers in certain countries, unfortunately, Russia did not stand aside. Even Google has taken measures that prevent users from retrieving flow trackers, for example, by removing such locates from their search results and including them to the Chrome Adblock blacklist.

If it is impossible to download flows in your own country, and also if you just wanted to download torrents anonymously( which, by the way, is always a plus ), then utilizing a VPN service you can bypass the fastens and protect your data. If you are looking for a reliable VPN service, then take a look at our selection of top 10 tide VPN services.

IMPORTANT: Remember that working with tides can be law in many countries, but downloading content that is protected by copyright is not. We are alone for freedom of access and select of information, but we do not call to violate the law.

The Pirate Bay- Best in All

The more popular torrent tracker in the world Survived a good deal of attempts to close and lock VIP/ Trusted user labels allow you to instantaneously know the secure content.

The Pirate Bay is a service with a long and complex biography, which, however, enjoys the sincere passion of millions. There you will find millions of tides of various types and categories, magnet links are also supported there. The website interface is as simple as possible, even fledglings will figure it out.

Note: TPB domains modify quite often( now, for example, this is again. org ), and from time to time the website becomes wholly inaccessible. Fortunately, access is inevitably restored- thanks to the advanced technologies used by TPB. There are many TPB “mirrors” on the Internet — special agent sites.

Go to The Pirate Bay

RARBG- The best informant of new content.

Active user community and many handwritings A big range of new and aged flows Top 10 ratings for movies, demonstrates, music, and many other categories

RARBG appeared in 2008 and boastings a stature as a accessible area with high-quality outpourings, as well as constant updates.

Unfortunately, such activity could not help but outline additional attention to the service. As a arise, RARBG is blocked in many different countries, including Bulgaria, Denmark, Portugal, and the UK. A VPN service for working with torrents will help you bypass all these locks.

1337x- The most convenient service

Great selection of movies, Tv shows, sports, and music. Many handy alternatives: you can search for Oscar nominees, new chapters, libraries, etc. The redesigned interface allowed to bring work with the service to a new level

If you yourself do not know what you want to find, then the 1337 x service is necessarily help you find a outpouring that you will enjoy- thanks to its simple and conveniently organized interface. The place has recently been seriously redesigned, in addition to improving the design, the service team specified a number of serious defence vulnerabilities.

Now it is one of the most popular torrent trackers in the world- the notoriety of this site is so great that Google even removes it from the results of search results.

TorLock- The best beginning of anime and e-books

A gargantuan series of “live” handwritings of anime, e-books, and music Simple and instinctive interface Rating” Top 100 best torrents” will allow you to find very good content

TorLock is a huge list of tides and a fantastically opportune place. This service is especially suitable for those who are looking for high-quality anime or diaries and other content for reading.

Some of the deployments of TorLock can hardly be found on other trackers, however, the most popular torrents are too accessible here – you can choose from more than 4.8 torrents.

Torrentz2- The Best Music Source

A huge wander of musical distributions Extremely simple work Do not attract too much attention

Torrentz2 is, let’s say, the rebirth of the favourite website Torrentz. The minimalistic designing of the original locate is preserved now, and the main focus is on music- amongst the dispensations of this list are not uncommon and those that were opened 10 several years ago … and which still distribute 20+ siders!

Yes, some alterations have been made to the principle of operation of magnet tie-ups, however, Torrentz2 remains an excellent service for audiophiles, as well as one of the most remarkable torrent trackers to this day.

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