Are you looking for the best sci fi movies to stream on Netflix right now? The work itself is mostly the stuff of science fiction — a huge repository of picture show, available to watch at the push of a button. Time travel to any epoch in cinema autobiography( more or less )! It’s a supernatural, wonderful perception, and the only thing that would make it better is if they actually had all the movies you demand. But that’s where we come in with our monthly updates on the best brand-new movies on Netflix.

So let’s take a look at the newest handouts in sci fi streaming on Netflix, including genuine classics of the category like Blade Runner and Back to the Future: Part III, as well as more recent thumps like Ex Machina and Snowpiercer. This inventory peculiarities high-concept fibs for devotees of all kinds to watch. The newest additives to the list will be added at the top and commemorated with an asterisk.

Oh, and when you’re done here, is secure to too check out our directory of the 100 Best Sci-Fi Movies Ever and what’s new to Netflix this month.

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Please note: This directory pertains to U.S. Netflix readers. Some titles may not currently be available on international stages. This article is frequently amended to remove movies no longer on Netflix and to include more horror cinemas that are now available on the service. The Matrix( 1999 )* ECcIHnqX4AA0dUbThe sequels are likely to have dulled its plead somewhat, but the original The Matrix remains a bona fide sci-fi classic. Nowhere outside of the anime realm have we seen such an effective blend of cyberpunk, martial arts and philosophy. The film stars Keanu Reeves in his most iconic capacity since Ted “Theodore” Logan, representing a lone hacker who detects his entire world is a digitized illusion and he was able to exactly be the messiah destined to save humanity from its machine oppressors.

Watch The Matrix on Netflix .

Minority Report( 2002 )* minorityreportHollywood has a long record of changing Philip K. Dick’s science fiction fictions, and Minority Report is still one of the best. We’d expect nothing less from chairman Steven Spielberg. This high-concept thriller starrings Tom Cruise as a futuristic polouse who relies on a trio of precognitive mystics to stop crimes before they happen. But when he’s accused of murder, Cruise’s John Anderton goes on the run( often literally) to prove his innocence.

Watch Minority Report on Netflix .

Blade Runner: The Final Cut( 1982) Blade Runner Final CutIt were not able to have been fully appreciated in its own duration, but Blade Runner now stands as one of the best and most important sci-fi movies ever constituted. Equal personas cyberpunk thriller and neo-noir detective movie, Blade Runner knocks on many of the most popular themes of the category. What does it mean to be human? What is the case when androids become so lifelike it takes a instructed professional to tell the difference? With the handout of lead Ridley Scott’s “Final Cut, ” a true-life classic has been fixed that much better.

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Back to the Future Part III( 1990) Back to the Future Part IIIFor whatever conclude, Netflix currently only has the third and final chapter in the Back to the Future trilogy available to brook. That’s unfortunate for anyone not already familiar with these movies, but we’ll take however much of Marty McFly and Doc Brown Netflix is able to dole out. Back to the Future Part III is a admirable conclusion to the series, one that drags both heroes back to the Wild West for another time-defying fish out of water scenario. It may not contact the elevations of the original, but it’s superior to the comparatively uneven Part II.

Watch Back to the Future Part III on Netflix .

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Inception( 2010) Inception-movieYou’d imagine Christopher Nolan would have a tough time following up The Dark Knight, but instead he gave us Inception. This high-concept sci-fi action movie develops in the realm of dreams, with Leonardo DiCaprio starring as Cobb, an international fugitive who orchestrates mental heists. Nolan’s singular talent for blending mind-bending storytelling with crowd-pleasing action and stunning imagery has never been more on display.

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The Lobster( 2015) LobsterThe Lobster is still far from being the most congenial or mainstream-friendly film on such lists, but we’d expect nothing less from superintendent Yorgos Lanthimos. Fan of dystopian sci-fi hungry for something quirky and different knows where to find precisely that in this darkly exhilarating look at life in a nature where singles have 45 daylights to either pinpoint a dreamy marriage or be transformed into an animal. Both Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz deliver top-notch executions as budding sweethearts struggling to build a relationship against the backdrop of a really strange and dictatorial macrocosm.

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Snowpiercer( 2013) SnowpiercerSnowpiercer is easily one of the best comic book adaptations that most spectators don’t even realize is a comic book adaptation in the first place. Acclaimed South Korean director Bong Joon-ho became his English communication debut now, recounting a post-apocalyptic world where a handful of survivors( played by Chris Evans, John Hurt, Octavia Spencer and others) make their action through a frozen desert aboard an eternally moving train. Naturally, the class fraction still exists in this terrible future, and the movie centres a great deal on opposing the squalor of the rear gondolas with the decadent luxury of the train’s more privileged fares.

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Hellboy( 2004) HellboyBefore he earned an Oscar for guiding the horror fairy tale The Shape of Water, Guillermo del Toro introduced his oddball sensibilities to Hellboy, an adaptation of Mike Mignola’s award-winning comic book series. Ron Perlman is perfect as the designation person, a demon from hell who was raised by humen to protect us from superhuman violences. The planned is perfunctory but the being impressions are stunning, the action is cool and the make concerts by Perlman and Selma Blair, as a firestarter who can’t trust herself, are easy to fall in love with.

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Ex Machina( 2015) Ex MachinaOscar Isaac performs as a luminous billionaire inventor, who invites one of his low-level peons, played by Domhnall Gleeson, to his secluded property. But this isn’t a friendly call. He’s actually here to test the humanity of Isaac’s brand-new invention, a realistic robotic maid called Ava, played to perfection by Alicia Vikander. As they question the robot’s humanity, and what it means to be human, we gradually realize that what they genuinely can’t figure out is the female mind. Brilliant renditions and a thought-provoking screenplay clear Ex Machina one of the best sci-fi movies of the century still further.

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Under the Skin( 2013) Under the SkinAn alien entity makes the form of Scarlett Johansson in Under the Skin, stalking the streets, picking up lusty men and dragging them into a gloom, inky abyss from which there is absolutely no flee. Jonathan Glazer’s experimental sci-fi film is unusually framed, and looks and sounds like nothing else most people have experienced, and Johansson hands an miraculous act as an entity who strivings to understand what it means to be human, and to look outwardly beautiful.

Read our Under the Skin review or watch Under the Skin on Netflix.

Her( 2013) HerIn an extremely noticeable future, in which beings live their lives through their telephones and computers, and are so divorced from human intimacy that they have to hire people like Theodore Twombly( Joaquin Phoenix) to write their personal letter for them, a new operating system seems more humane than human being. So it is that Theodore connects to, and tumbles in love with an neural networks appointed Samantha( voiced by Scarlett Johansson ). As directed by Spike Jonze, Her examines the melancholy of human disconnection in an increasingly connected nature, and the composite path that sensations and intrigue will advance as technology outstrips our psychological understanding.

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Science fiction is a wide-ranging genre, and one that can sometimes be difficult to pin down. We try to focus on sci-fi movies that have a time-tested reputation like Blade Runner and The Matrix, as well as those movies that composed well on aggregate locates like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. In some subjects, we may pick more critically controversial movies like Under the Skin that we still feel are worth checking out. The one common thread is that all these movies explore the intersection of humanity and technology in a unique direction.

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