Capcom recently announced that The Witcher’s Geralt was coming to Monster Hunter World, and now we have an Assassin’s Creed collaboration as well.

The new partnership tasks you with taking down some of the fastest, most swift ogres more, in a bid to earn Senu’s Feather.

Completing the new challenge reinforces you with two new cases of paraphernalium: the Bayek Layered Armor and the specialized implement Assassin’s Hood.

Here’s a trailer:

With Bayek’s armor being layered, you can wear it over your prevailing material without it altering your hard-earned stats. Meanwhile, the scarf boosts your attacking superpower from a stealth district.

The new happen is lives on consoles now and expected to go live on PC at some point soon. Monster Hunter World’s Witcher crossover event is expected early this year.

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