The upcoming Batman ’8 9 comic series may lastly peculiarity Marlon Wayans as Robin practically 30 times after he was originally cast in the persona for Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. The serial will launch in July on digital platforms and will be written by Sam Hamm, the original screenwriter of Batman and Batman Returns, with prowes by Joe Quinones. With the exception of concept artwork for a cancelled Batman ’8 9 streaks that roughly came out in 2015, this will be the first opportunity for fans is how the Batman films could have turned out if Burton hadn’t left the series and Michael Keaton hadn’t been recast with Val Kilmer.

Batman ’8 9 is set to explore characters established in Burton’s two Batman movies, as well as other comics character reinterpreted in the mode of the original movies featuring the Dark Knight. The proclamation of the project predicted the return of Catwoman, modeled after Michell Pfeiffer’s iconic carry-on in Batman Returns. It will too likely include a Two-Face modeled after actor Billy Dee Williams. Williams was thrown as Harvey Dent in Burton’s original Batman, with a plan to have him portray Two-Face in a later movie. But after Burton departed the serial, the role was recast with Tommy Lee Jones for 1995 ’s Batman Forever.

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DC announced that the new comic succession will likewise boast a brand-new Robin, which means that readers might get to see a Boy Wonder modeled after actor Marlon Wayans. During the stages of development of Batman Returns, the movie was set to include the debut of Dick Grayson in the role of Robin. Burton even get so far as to cast Wayans in the segment. At the time Wayans was an unknown with simply a duo cinema forms in jobs to be established by and starring his brothers. Ultimately the component was removed from the movie as it was felt that it would over-stuff the movie too much.

After the handout of Batman Returns, Burton was set to come back and direct a third cinema in the line, tentatively titled Batman Continues. Wayans signed on to play Robin, even going so far as to film screen tests and undergo a costume fitting. After Burton stepped down as head and Warner Bros. decided to virtually reboot the series with Batman Forever, Wayans was dropped and Robin was recast with Chris O’Donnell in the character. Things used to work pretty well for Wayans, though. Not only did he go on to have a prolific career that includes The Wayans Bros ., Requiem for a Dream, and the Scary Movie films, but he also supposedly paid $100,000 for the job despite never filming a single scene. He has said in interviews that he still receives royalty are searching for the role.

There has been no word from DC on whether the Robin in the Batman ’8 9 sequences will be styled after Wayans or if they will go with a different design for the character. And even though it is not quite the same thing as having Wayans afford his interpretation of the specific characteristics, it would still pay followers a chance to see what Wayans would have looked like in the character. Who knows, perhaps the sequence will see Marlon Wayans as Robin teaming up with Nicolas Cage as Superman.

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