On the eve of America celebrating its 245 th birthday, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff took to Instagram on Saturday and made a somewhat associated announcement of their own 😛 TAGEND

The duet will shortly have a brand new birthday to celebrate.

Because they’re expecting their third child!

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff Pregnancy Reveal

“Our family’s stretching! Maybe I can persuade Audrey to get a minivan now? ” Jeremy wrote as a caption to a video of his immediate family out in an area, prancing for joy.

Audrey, meanwhile, was more blunt in her approval 😛 TAGEND

“We’re about to be a family of five !. Our little bind breaker is coming this November! ” she wrote.

The baby of two integrated with these messages a photograph of a recent sonogram.

Audrey Roloff in the Cold

In the aforementioned Instagram video, Jeremy is playing with Bode James, who was born in January 2020; and Ember Jean, who entered the universe in September 2017.

At that instant, a camera lunges in and we investigate Jeremy deeming the sonogram in his hands.

Hooray !!!!

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff Journal

Just over a month ago, Audrey announced she was stepping away from social media, motivating widespread opinion over the reason why.

Was she “workin on” a new assignment?

Was she sick of dealing with haters and trolls?

Or, as now seems to be the case, was she simply choosing to relax and focus on the life growing inside of her belly?

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff and Their Book

Audrey and Jeremy left Little People, Big World in the summer of 2018 and have since started a podcast and written two books.

We indecision they’ll ever going to go, either.

“We are so thankful for giving us the opportunity that their own families register gave us but being able to harness that vitality and do what we’re doing now devotes us so much more life purpose[ and] ardour, ” Jeremy told Us Weekly on January 13, contributing 😛 TAGEND

“Going back to reality TV kind of feels like a step into history at this point.”

Roloffs on Halloween

The polarizing husband and wife often share photographs of themselves and their two toddlers out and about in Oregon, having often hinted here there are still that they were open to expanding their family even more.

And now here we are.

It’s so exciting!

No parole hitherto on whether Audrey is expecting a second boy or second girl this fall.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff in a Car

She did jump on to Instagram two days ago, nonetheless, in order to pay tribute to the man who will now be a three-time father in precisely a few months.

Maybe now we know why, too.

The following fervent message makes a lot more sense in the wake of this major news.

Wrote Audrey…

Audrey and Jeremy, 2 Kids

He builds spears, constructs tables, licks poopy buttocks, reads theology, makes neighbours to the ER and sits with them the working day, scavenges saucers, hinders plants alive, grows chickens, befriends gas attendants, studies a bit of a lot of things, listens to wife tirades and wanders, says thank you for the little things.

Keeps vehicles from the 1970 ’s running smooth, writes records, generates meaningful times for spouse and kids, comedies imaginative plays with dolls, fixes whatever is broken, kindles meaningful discussions, and aims a double back flip off a rope fluctuating at age 31 and claws it.

Just to call a few …

You followed up with impress me @jeremyroloff.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff on Instagram

We transmit our very best wishes to Audrey for a joyful and healthy pregnancy.

Congratulations you two!

We can’t wait to meet your next bundle of joy!

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff in 2020

Jeremy’s friend, Zach, unhappily lost his third child to a miscarriage earlier this year.

“I’ve honestly never felt loss like I did in that moment, ” wrote Zach’s wife, Tori, in March.

“I’ve never felt so sad, exasperated, and scared in a single moment.

“I has no such symptoms of losing[ our] sugared angel baby and good-for-nothing could have prepared me for hearing our sweet babe was gone.”

Roloff Family Portrait

She concluded at the time 😛 TAGEND

“Parents should never know the heartbreak of losing a child. I pray that we can all find conciliation that our babies “ve been waiting” us in heaven and we will meet one day.

“I pole this in hopes that it will touch only one mummy and give them know you’re not alone. I felt as though I needed to acknowledge our sweetened angel child so I could go on sharing my babies now with me.

“So that’s what I’ll continue to do — thanking the Lord for what I have.”

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